A sunny day out stuck in time

With the lovely sun finally coming out we decided on an impromptu trip to Knowsley Safari park today.  Armed with a nice mini picnic, it quickly dawned on us that the baby is still going through his screamy phase and can only be strapped into his car seat for a limited amount of time before he starts having a meltdown. Scaring the animals with high pitched screeching, whilst driving through where they live is probably not ideal for any car or wild beast so, at the last minute, we decided to detour to Blackpool.  

Blackpool is somewhere our parents used to drag us for years and years growing up.  We would excitedly go whilst we were young and run around the pleasure beach sitting on absolutely everything and posing with the various statues that look about a 100 years old.  We would go a bit more reluctantly when we hit our teens and, like with most teenagers, there came a point where it was just not cool to go to Blackpool (or anywhere!) with your parents anymore. 

Now that I have my own little kiddies, I love nothing more than dragging them to that same cheesiness every so often.  The baby really doesn’t care either way but Little Z gets very excited about 2p machines, candy floss and walking on the golden mile.    Everything always looks like it’s stuck in time and takes me straight back to my childhood. Back then we would pile into cars without obligatory car seats and pack huge picnics to enjoy.   I always get the feeling Blackpool tried hard to shake off its kitschy image and then decided to just embrace it all. 

I haven’t been to the pleasure beach in more than 15 years and it feels like it’s not changed one bit bar a few new rides.  It has the same rides it’s had for more than 30 years and they’re still going strong.  The same Noah’s ark, the same ghost train, the same Valhalla I’ve still never sat on!  Taking round Little Z made me feel very nostalgic about it all especially when I found the bench that I first took a photo on when I was about 8 years old.  I have the photo somewhere and need to dig it out! Obviously back then I had no inkling I’d be taking another snap on it about 28 years on with my 5 year old.  He refused to sit down on it as it was soaking wet!

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29 thoughts on “A sunny day out stuck in time”

  1. It’s funny how much kids embrace the cheesiness and simple pleasures of places like this. Our kids still love Butlins for that very reason.

  2. I’ve not been to Blackpool for years. I have good memories of it though. What a lovely photo. I agree that the 2p machines and candy floss are great!

  3. Love the photo! I have never been to Blackpool but we have lots of similar places down South. I love them, you can’t beat a bit of cheesiness, the 2p slots and fish and chips! It looks like a lovely day. xx

  4. Fab pics, and great to be able to bring back memories. I’ve not been to Blackpool in about 12 years when I went for a dance weekender to dance in the Tower. You’re right, the place is seriously cheesy.

  5. Wow seeing something that long ago and realizing it hadnt change is amazing! The memories rushing back! And now passing that batton to your son haha I wonder if I will see another photo of both of you on that chair in the future! #mysundayphoto
    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…The Right PathMy Profile

  6. Aww, great picture! I love Blackpool, last year was the first time we missed going in years… I love taking my kids, as you I always went when I was younger!!

  7. That is such a happy photo!! We never really did Blackpool as kids so it isn’t somewhere I think to take mine. But if you do ever go to Knowsley Safari Park let me know, I live 10 minutes away, you can pop round for a brew 🙂 xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…As They GrowMy Profile

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