Half term and when I met Darth Vader

Half term and when I met Darth Vader

Half term is here and the sun has come out! We have no last minute holiday plans this time as the Other Half has to work. Boo hiss! So, instead, we have days our planned for most of the week and some much needed lounging about scheduled in. It feels like it’s come around really quickly this time but our Easter holidays were so late this year that I think that’s why. Not that I’m complaining. Any school holiday is welcome in our house. Little Z has had a good term and his reading and writing is coming on nicely. He is now writing in sentences and in dreaded cursive. It takes some concentrating to read what he’s read as the tails on all his letters are quite extravagant but I’m hoping they calm themselves a bit by the end of the year. He’s also learnt how to repeatedly run across the playground and finish by skidding on his knees, Dirty dancing finale dance style. I was very much hoping to keep his last two pairs of good trousers going for a few more weeks but there are more new trousers in our destiny for this school year. How is his reception year almost finished? I can’t believe it’s flown by so quickly. And what a transformation in just a few months.

The baby has decided to stop sleeping for a few hours each night and seems to be showing signs of teething all over again. We have 0 teeth so far so I’m hoping this means some will start popping out soon but I’ve been told it can take up to two years for even the first ones to make a show. CBeebies is helping us in the early hours when he’s very ratty and I’m developing a love / hate relationship with Duggee from Hey Duggee. Right now, I would happily smash his banjo to smithereen and then explain I’ve not slept very well the last week. I’m sure he’d understand. The poor husband is trying to slot in a lot of late hours of working too so we’re all looking a bit bleary eyed.

Despite our zombie like state, we popped out to wander about the Trafford centre today and to catch the big Optimus Prime truck, which was there for one day only. We were very excited to find a lot of the baddies from Star Wars had popped by too and we’re raising money for the Manchester children’s hospital. I’m not sure if they were on some kind of intergalactic community service but we went slightly trigger happy taking photos of them all. Little Z looked ever so slightly bored. I met Darth Vader, on the other hand and I think it was the highlight of my afternoon!

Darth vader

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  1. Haha fab photo lovely- Mads would be star struck, she is well into anything Star Wars at the moment. The lack of sleep is something I can sympathise with here- we are having a lazy half term too and it is well needed! xx

  2. Love that photo Tas! Aren’t babies cruel when they start to sleep and then snatch it away from you? It feels so much worse when you’ve got used to having a bit more and then it’s gone again, I hope those teeth come through soon. Z sounds like he is doing so well, it does seem crazy that this year is nearly over! It feels like it has flown by but I can’t wait for those summer holidays, Lucas has done nothing but sleep this half term – it has been hard going for him since Christmas xx
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