The fabulous weather

Don’t we have fabulous weather right now? Of course, now I’ve written that it’s probably going to snow next week. It’s been such a lovely few days with nice sun and blue skies though. It makes such a difference to everyone and what makes it so much easier to just pop out. I have to admit, I am the over protective school mum that still puts a winter coat on Z. Just in case. His school is on a really high point and really cold in the mornings especially. Can never be too cautious and all that. Maybe next week he’ll go in his Mac but, for now, he’s still going as someone resembling Sajid from East is East.
I don’t know if it’s the lovely weather or the big break we recently had, but something has clicked in Little Z and he’s found a love of stories and writing. Each day there is a different picture and a couple of sentences. They mostly tell of his baby brother, or his latest adventure at school. They’re usually only one or two sentences but for someone who hates cursive writing and avoids it like the plague, it’s a huge milestone to see so much interest in it. And they can’t just be any old sentence. According to him, they have to be “wow sentences”. It’s amusing to watch my 5 year old slowly morph into a teenager. He rolls his eyes when he talks to me, like he’s imparting wisdom with frustration and I don’t think it’ll be long before he picks up good old British sarcasm. I am hoping this doesn’t come till at least aged 7. I am probably wrong though.

We discovered that Baby E doesn’t like grass this week. He spent the entire time sat very still on it, refusing to move and with a thunderous look on his face. We did what any good parent would do and went to his rescue but not before taking a pile of photos with the same look on his face. We eventually stopped once his cries got louder and he got his revenge by waking us up countless times that night.

I know I say this every month but it’s hard to believe time flies by so quickly and Z will soon be in his very last term of reception and E will be approaching one whole year in a few months. Surely someone needs to invent that pause button now?



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  1. Such a cute photo. Z looks happy at least! I had to laugh at the thought of him as the little East is East boy. I watched that film so many times! It’s great to hear that he’s enjoying his writing now and I look forward to when he starts being sarcastic. It might be the lowest form of wit, but it usually makes me laugh!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 15.5.16My Profile

  2. Oh this weather has been amazing – but I’m the same I am not quite ready to put the winter coats away just yet!!! MY five year old is the same – she has seriously got some teenage attitude at the moment!
    Let me know if you find that pause button! xx
    Natalie recently posted…MarriageMy Profile

  3. A bit of decent weather makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Great that Z is enjoying stories – our three are all book-lovers, which pleases us no end. 🙂

  4. I have been loving the weather, it just makes such a difference doesn’t it? Although it is changing soon apparently. I wish it would just stay nice until Autumn now. And this is such a cute photo of your boys. Mads is also obsessed with writing at the moment as well. x

  5. Lovely photo, its amazing how kids grow up to quickly and how a child can dislike something one week but love it the next, well done Z on your writing. As for E, he will soon come to love grass, both my kids hated the texture of grass as babies but now love it! #MySundayPhoto

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