When the second baby is in a huge rush

My mum always told me stories of how my brother, who’s 18 months younger than me, started walking when he was 8 months old. Apparently, he would watch me and wanted to follow very quickly. I always thought she was exaggerating. Until now. 
This week Baby E has tried to stand up whilst playing in his new toy car. He’s just about hit the 8 month mark and seems to be in a huge rush. Not content with his new found crawling skills, he’s now trying to stand up at every given opportunity and, at the moment, mostly manages to lean up firmly on his knees. I now think he may be walking within the next couple of months and all of a sudden I don’t feel ready.  

Little Z didn’t walk until he was 13 months old and, back then, it was me that was in a hurry to reach this huge milestone. It would look so cute, a little baby learning to toddle with a huge smile plastered across his face, landing on their nappy bums. Then getting up and trying again until they became more and more confident in their abilities. What you don’t anticipate is that they turn into little hurricanes that destroy everything at shin level.  
This time I’m in no rush at all. It feels way too soon and like my little baby is trying to catch up to his big brother at the speed of light. The crawling stage is tiring but so lovely to watch. All the new and wide eyed exploring and the unique way in which every baby learns to move about. In the case of Baby E I think we may speed through the stages straight to toddling. Things are already being moved higher and higher in anticipation of the next big stage. When he’ll be officially known as a toddler. I am very tempted to hide any toys with a bit of height away to stave off the attempts to stand at least for a little bit. So that he (and I!) can enjoy the crawling stage just a little bit longer.  


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  1. Younger siblings always appear to be in such a hurry to emulate their bigger brothers/sisters. Kara is just the same – she may only be 4, but with 8 and 6 year old brothers she just watches them and believes she can do anything they can. She’s often right!

  2. Oh yes, I totally agree. In my experience younger siblings just want to replicate their older role models. My “baby” was properly walking at 11 months just so he could keep up with his sister *too young!* but it did have it’s advantages when it came to potty training!
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  3. Gorgeous smile! So true about the difference between 1 and 2, and who is in the most hurry – am sure you will enjoy alk the stages, however quickly they flash by!

  4. Matthew was the same, he was keen to keep up with his sister and definitely did things a bit earlier.
    He’s such a cutie though, that smile!!

  5. My three have all been at roughly similar times but Pip was the latest, I strongly suspect because he was in no hurry to have to do anything for himself with two adoring big sisters prepared to fetch and carry. Now of course there’s no stopping him – his middle name should have been Chaos!!
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  6. My eldest completely missed out the crawling stage and walked at 9 months, I took it completely for granted because the youngest had hip problems and didn’t walk until 19 months. She missed out the crawling strange too, instead getting around by shuffling on her bottom because she spent a lot of time with her legs in plaster. It made us realise how lucky we had been with the eldest.

    Oh my word Baby Z is looking so grown up in that car, he is so cute with a wonderful smile xx
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  7. Oh it definitely sounds like he’ll be on the move very soon! Someone I know has 5 kids and I remember seeing her 4th at 9 months old, walking in to the nursery to get his big brother! He was just ready to go after watching the older ones and I think her fifth was the same.
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  8. Oh they grow so fast sometimes us Mummies aren’t ready!! My second child has done everything so much faster than my first and just seems so much older that Meme was at her age. Gorgeous picture he looks so grown up! (sorry I know you wont want to hear that!)

  9. Oh my goodness can I relate to what you are going through. My daughter is 15 months and as soon as I’ve tidied up a place it is a mess again. #OrdinaryMoments

  10. Oh I totally know what you mean, I’ve been so much more laid back about milestones with my second. But it turned out she was also pretty laid back, she didn’t walk until she was about 16 months. It looks like you’re going to have your hands full soon πŸ˜‰
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  11. I can totally relate to your experience. My first was slow to walk but my second was in such a hurry. You just have to get used to the differences. They won’t all be the same. It might be stressful when he starts moving on his own, as you might have to keep an eye on him, but I’d say just enjoy the ride. It comes once in the lifetime of a child. So, make the best of it. Don’t stress yourself about it. These children would soon be gone from home. Time does fly, so, enjoy it while it lasts.
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  12. I felt just the same with the twins! Lucas was super quick walking but pretty laid back with everything else – the twins seem to be so much older than they are and I do think it’s because they watch him and want to do everything. I think when they first start getting mobile it’s a shock to the system but then it just becomes fun, the more he does the more Z will get involved too and that will be lovely xx
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  13. If only they could stay smaller a little longer! Sam (although he didn’t walk til 14 ish months) is always trying to copy his big sister, he try’s to join in playing and thinks he’s able to do everything she does. He even has a tantrum when she goes out to play and he’s no allowed ☺️

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