A lovely week in the sunshine

A lovely week

We had vaguely planned to go to the Lake District this week during half term but, as our plans very vague, and the Other Half had to work it didn’t happen and I was slightly worried about how I’d entertain two kids for a whole week all by myself. Granted, the baby doesn’t really care what we do when we go out but the thought of juggling a baby who now wants to crawl everywhere, plus a 5 year old who wants to do something fun permanently was a bit daunting and I wasn’t too sure how to fill our days.

It turned out to be a fun filled week with walks out in the sunshine, trips to the cinema, trips to see grandma and grandad, trips to collect germs at soft play and trips to eat our favourite foods. Routine went flying out the window in about 2 nano seconds but the sunshine was just too lovely and it’s been odd to see it hang about the North for so long, whilst it’s rained in the South. Obviously, I’m not complaining. By Friday we were a bit exhausted by all the fun and ended up having a very lazy day just lounging about in the garden and later lounging about in our favourite fish and chip restaurant. We need to get back on track with routine rather quickly now and I can’t believe we’re now entering the last long stretch of school before the summer holidays start. I am so looking forward to those 6 weeks. I have no clue how to entertain two kids for that long but there will be a fair amount of “winging it”. We’re also driving up to Scotland in August and I cannot wait. Hurry up holidays!

A lovely week
A lovely week

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  1. Sounds like a good, busy week. Our boys have had a few big trips out so they’re happy but knackered. It won’t be long until we’re gearing up for the summer hols …

  2. It is tricky entertaining two with that age gap sometimes, it’s the same gap as mine! Park trips and being outside are definitely the easiest way to go. Last time I went to soft play the place we went to was so big that when one child came out, the other was lost inside and and it just kept going like that for about an hour!! Haha. Yes roll on summer holidays! xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the sun hanging around the North West, when does that ever happen. Though we ventured to the North East and it was grey and drizzly for most of it, whilst everyone was in shorts back home. As soon as we are into next week I start thinking about the summer holidays. We have been up to Scotland for the past few summers and have loved it. Enjoy the last day off before the school run is here again x
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  4. Like you said our half terms couldn’t have been more opposite- rain rain and gloom here! I am glad you had some sunshine up there and you enjoyed half term together- I think a week is the perfect amount of time to really enjoy the time together before everyone starts to get a bit twitchy! xx

  5. that sounds like the best sort of week; nice and chilled out and plenty of fun – perhaps the same recipe could be applied to the summer and it will be awesome – and hopefully sunnier and warmer!!
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  6. I cant wait for the holidays as well! My son went back to school today and I am missing his presence in the house. Sounds like you had fun and you were able to handle to kids by yourself! Congrats for that. I have a 5 year old so I know how hard it is to keep them happy =)

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  7. Sounds like it ended up like a wonderful week lovely!! How amazing has the sunshine been?! I’m really hoping it sticks around! Good luck with the upcoming 6 week holiday, getting in you holiday to the Lakes would be the perfect idea! Such a gorgeous area! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a fab weekend love xx


  8. Sounds like the perfect half term to me! I hate it when people say they dread the holidays. I love the lack of routine and being able to do what we want when we want. I’m sure you’ll find the 6 weeks holidays equally as fun and they fly by so quickly!

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