Baby E at 9 months old

The baby is the grand old age of 9 months now and, like every single month, I wonder how it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. We now have a baby who is a total koala bear cling on and has realised his parents can leave him and walk away. Everything is a bit uncertain to him all over again and you can see in his face he thinks twice before going to someone. He’s still very much the charmer and will hold his hand out to total strangers so that he can stroke their cheeks. Not many are safe, and most melt instantly. You can see their broodiness hit the roof instantly, man or woman, as they lean in to let him. They then attempt to hold him which goes well for all of two seconds before he realises he’s not in his parents arms anymore and freaks out. I predict it’ll be another month or so before he’s confident enough to go to others again.

We have a little cruiser on our hands who will cruise any piece of furniture to get to food. This baby is the total opposite to his big brother and absolutely loves food. He will swipe his brothers food quite regularly. Not that the older brother cares too much. It means we’ve been a bit more adventurous with baby led weaning and tried a lot more things than we did with Little Z at that age. Where his brother is a chatterbox that loves attention, this baby loves his own space a lot more and isn’t too fussed with big groups of people. I think we have two very different characters on our hands and we can sometimes see myself and the Other Half in them respectively.

I’m hoping the cruising goes on for at least a couple more months. So far, he’s not braved letting go and toddling off but, at this rate, he might be walking before his birthday. Which is when it all changes again!



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  1. Love the photo of Little E holding on to his car and can’t believe he is now cruising around. My youngest was much quicker to walk than her big sister and I remember that mixed feeling when she took her first steps – being proud of her whilst thinking “I’m not ready for this yet – stay a baby a bit longer please!”
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  2. Just so sweet! We are a month behind you and B is attempting to crawl, he kind of just slugs around which is effective in getting where he wants to go but crawling is definitely in the works. He’s a demon in his walker and is beginning to pull things of shelves and try to open cupboards! 😀 I do love this age though, so sweet!

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