Britmums Live 2016

Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016

I wasn’t really intending to go to Britmums Live 2016 this year. With a 9 month old baby that’s just starting to cruise furniture and speed crawling, it felt like he was a bit too young to leave. A lovely opportunity presented itself and after a bit of back and to, it was decided I would grace lovely London and catch up with all things blogging. I absolutely love London, having worked there for a number of years, and I get very wistful for it whenever I visit. It is still just as amazing and fabulous as ever and although we would never really bring our kids up there as our entire family is up North, it is such a fantastic place to visit and it always reminds me I should come much more often.

Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016
Britmums live 2016

Britmums Live 2016 was just as crazy busy as ever. It had a different format for the very first time but I’ve previously always gone for one day only so it didn’t make much difference to me. This is my third one now so I’d prepared myself for how intense it would be. It’s always really overwhelming for the first half hour when you’re presented with a whole sea of bloggers and everyone is talking at breakneck speed and hugging. You soon get swept away in it all and eventually calm down when you see your blogging buddies and start to become a bit more confident for the day ahead. There is just SO much hugging and meeting new people and I love that. I wrote a whole post about things that happen at blogger conferences and, if you’ve never been then you can have a peek here. I don’t know about anyone else, but with me, there is always that one blogger I absolutely love but end up walking straight past them from just pure nerves. I have done that to one particular blogger two years in a row. This year I kicked myself for doing it. If I see them again I am totally rugby tackling them and saying how much I love their writing. I’ve also been the blogger who has stared a bit too long at someone with admiration. Sorry.


I was sponsored by Johnson’s this year and they had a very knowledgeable team that had flown over from the States and France to answer any questions people had about their products, as well as just to give people a bit more background on what happens behind the scenes. We are huge Johnson’s fans, as is Baby E, who will joyfully try to put every single baby wipe into mouth, looking very much like a pleased little puppy. I’ve never given much thought to how things like wipes are even created. I just trust Johnson’s make reliable baby products and well, that’s it. So it was really interesting to learn about the sheer time and effort that goes into making products for babies and the rigorous processes that have to be followed to ensure everything is of a high standard and completely safe for what is their most precious demographic; babies. Did you know, on average, it takes about 24 months to create a product from design? There are stringent health and safety and testing processes too, one of which includes making sure that the products are tested against approximately 80 allergens. Then there’s a whole science behind making sure the product scents are right for babies and are not overpowering or clash in any way. I hadn’t realised Johnson’s work with health care professionals such as midwives, but it does make total sense for a company that works so closely with babies. I learnt so much about something I usually take for granted . I’ve never heard the words “wipe technology” before but it showed how much importance and passion the company put on something that comes across as such a straight forward product.



I spotted their new washcloth product on their stall and it’s something I am going to try out. They are washcloths that can be used without water and ideal for in between baths. They are larger than the usual wipes that we have seen on the market and look ideal for when we’re out and about, especially right now where my baby led weaning baby likes to get very very messy.




Britmums live 2016 5


When it comes to going to the break out sessions, I always always want to go to two things that clash with each other and that’s one of the downsides of these types of events. But then I’m not sure how else you’d cram so much into one day. I loved Charly’s photography session (from PodcastDove). It’s so nice just to sit and take it and appreciate the amazing photos that passionate photographers take. I think it injects a lot of enthusiasm in nervous amateurs and makes me want to drive both my boys about and then become very trigger happy. My Little Z is like most 5 years olds and loves pulling faces at the camera so I’m going to experiment with shooting in continuous mode so that I can capture that split second where he’s genuinely laughing. The baby isn’t too hard to photograph right now but I know that’ll get more challenging as time goes on. YouTube collaboration was really interesting. I am not the best vlogger and my channel has 3 lonely videos right now. I have good intentions but not much time right now with the crawling baby. It’s definitely something I will ponder about though. Basically, the point of the whole thing was that collaboration really does bring you a lot of traffic, you should definitely consider it!


Britmums live 2016

Britmums live 2016 3



Britmums live 2016  4

Britmums live 2016 7

All in all it was a hectic but wonderful day. It is just so good to see everyone and its always been far too long. I took away some good tips that I need to sit and remember to implement. It also reminded me why I love my blog and has given me the little boost I needed right now where I’m struggling to juggle it all with a new baby. I now just need more hours in the day which I’m hoping will come soon….ish!

* Blog post sponsored by the JOHNSON’S brand. The JOHNSON’S brand paid for me to be able to attend Britmums and also provided samples but all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a lovely post Tas, captures the day perfectly and wonderful photos too! Lots of giggles on the day – I nearly lost it on several occasions. I look like I’m just about to say…PHOTO. Yes that’s it, photo!!! Look forward to catching up again soon, was so great to see you xxx

  2. Ah this was a great read Tas. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and got to spend some time away from home. I’m definitely going next year – that’s two years I’ve missed now! So tell me…who is the blogger you were too shy to speak to? I sometimes feel like that too. Thinking there will be that awkward silence when they’ve never heard of you (me) lol!

  3. I really enjoyed this post and your photography is superb, Even more so the way it summarises the beauty of the day. I would really love to have met and chatted with you. I didn’t even spot you in the distance as I did with some bloggers. 1 day is really not enough to eat, attend seminar and socialise. I’d love to see it go back to 2 days. Fantastic post thanks for sharing. And well done with your sponsorship.
    Liska @NewMumOnline xxxxx

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