A week of madness

It’s been a mad crazy week hasn’t it? What started off as a complete shock of a morning, finding out that the UK was leaving the EU, has just gotten more and more bizarre over the last few days. I eventually stopped swearing about it all after about 4 days, which I think is fantastic. I really hope the powers that be sit down and have a good think and come up with a good plan. Right now, it just feels like everything is imploding all over the place and I think the whole country is swinging from finding it all a bit stunning, to holding their head in their hands from disbelief.

The trip to London last week was a much needed break from it all and I think we will be visiting again very soon, just to potter about a bit. All we need now is a bit of sun. How can it be July and chucking it down so much? I don’t want to wear my socks and boots all summer long!


If I ignore all the news then it’s been a pretty nice week. An Olympic gymnast visited Zs school and he has spent the entire week doing hand stands and various other adventurous gymnastics. We’re very much in the last few weeks of fun at school now and we’ve found out all about the move to Year 1. I can’t believe this whole year has flown by so quickly and how much he’s grown up. I guess this is something I’ll say every year but I wonder if the leap from reception to year 1 may be the biggest. I’ll be sad to let the reception teachers go but Z already seems keen on his newest teacher and I think it’s probably comforting that his entire class moves together.

In all the end of year madness I’ve found the most peaceful time is when both of these boys are splashing about in the bath. I have one water heater and one water lover, but once both are in, a bit of a calm descends and all is well in our little cocoon. That is, until I take the baby out and he screams blue murder trying to get back into it!



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  1. I’m a bit nervous every time I check news updates on my phone – there’s just no predicting what’s going to happen next! Like you, I was shocked and disappointed with the result and I really hope we have a calm, strong leader elected to see us through.

  2. It has been a crazy week, hasn’t it? It felt weird travelling to BML with the referendum result still hanging over us. But it was lovely to meet up with so many of our blogging chums too, wasn’t it? For a day or two at least, it was an opportunity to hide in the bubble and ignore the real world.

  3. Love the bath photo! I’m so fed up of the uncertainty around Brexit and of all the people who voted for it without thinking the implications through. I really hope it won’t be as bad as we all fear.
    It’s great that Z is looking forward to year 1. Reception to year 1 is a big jump because kids change so much over their first year at school. I bet he’s really ready for it, though!
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  4. It really has been a crazy week. It just seemed like one thing after another. Some of it is so ridiculous you would think it was made up! It’s great that you were able to forget about the news for a while and enjoy a nice week #MySundayPhoto
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  5. Love that photo.

    It has been a nuts week and doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

    Our school still haven’t done their move up day yet – where new reception kids come in and all the children move to their new classes for the day. I’m presuming it’s next week, but they finish next week so it’s cutting it fine. We’ve got parents evening tomorrow so I hope we’ll have confirmation whether N is staying in Class 1 (Y1 split with some going with Y2 and the others going with reception). I’d prefer him to move because he already feels like the main part of the class are well ahead of him in phonics, but other people with kids higher up the school have said it’s better they stay down. I think he will given his phonics group, but his maths is further ahead. It’s all hard to know – but he’s likely to be down with 5 others, none of whom he’s particularly friendly with and 2 who’re always in trouble. I’m going to try and carry on doing some work over the holidays so he can keep up where he is and improve so he starts well and doesn’t get left behind too much.

    Hope Z enjoys his last few weeks in reception (and that the sun comes out again)

  6. The news just seems to get more ridiculous each day, I find myself actually avoiding it as my brain can’t take much more! Still, that is a lovely photo of them in the bath and has made me smile. I just don’t know where this year has gone, I can’t believe that we are saying goodbye to Reception, it does feel like a big jump to me too!
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  7. I can imagine it was such a welcome relief to go to Britmums and escape the crazy news. I just wanted to crawl in to a cave and stay there for a few years. We have just booked to take the kids to London in August as Virgin trains have a great sale at the moment. We paid £60 for the 4 of us return. Ah yes where has the school year gone. I really do think the jump to reception to year 1, and the leap from primary to high school are the biggest changes x
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  8. Thanks for sharing this one! Brexit is unexpected, we are hoping in the far countries that the result will be in favor in the REMAIN. Hoping for the best in Great Britain. May God bless more the United Kingdom!

  9. Yes, ignoring the news it sounds like a really cool week! How cute are your two boys in the bath, it’s always madness with two little ones in there isn’t it. I am also suffering a bit from all the end of year stuff and my children are so tired! Roll on the holidays! x

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