The end of Reception year at school

So Little Z has finished reception year at school in the blink of an eye. What a difference a year makes ey? He’s gone from being my only baby boy to a big brother who absolutely loves his teachers. He can also read and write. How amazing.

We started those first few weeks really nervous. I say “we”, as it wasn’t a school known to either myself or my husband. We’d done a lot of reading and this was a really good all rounder. It’s still nerve wracking though, isn’t it? Sending your baby off to “big school” with “big children”. Off we went on those first weeks. One excited boy and one very heavily pregnant me, ready to give birth about a week later.


After the novelty wore off, he actually didn’t want to go anymore. “I’m done now mummy, I don’t want to go anymore”. Argh! Suffice to say, there was a lot of dragging out of bed, and coaxing and, on occasion, bribery. Eventually, something clicked and he fell in love with his school, and his teachers and the dinner ladies that are not called “dinner ladies”. He learnt how to write his name, and short stories and about his adventures and the all important finger spaces. He learnt to do spidery cursive and now insists to the world that they must also do cursive. He learnt to double and halve numbers and do additions and subtractions. He learnt to put his uniform on and his shoes on the right feet. He learnt how to forget everything when it suited him and learnt how to fill in the “Wow” sheets when he thought he’d done something good. I have mentioned before, but I think teachers should rule the world. All that shaping and educating and imparting of wisdom. How amazing. I am *that* mother. The gushy one, that keeps thanking teachers at the end of every term. I try not to hug. Or bawl.


There’s also been some huge life lessons. Disappointments at not getting the golden book, around friendships, and around not always winning. They are all things I’d prefer to cocoon him from, but they need to be learnt at some point don’t they? And we’ve hugged and stumbled through them all together. The little baby Z is changing into a 5 year old teen Z and he is hilarious and frustrating in equal measure. He has my temper and his dad’s laid back attitude. He’s stubborn and I love that he is learning to defend himself. It’s an interesting mix at times. He doesn’t realise how popular or charming he actually is and that’s probably a nice quality to have. One I hope stays and serves him well once he’s a grown up. I never thought I’d be the mum that got choked up at school reports but it was so lovely and captured his personality. He apparently loves to tell jokes in class. I’ve asked for a sample of these and they are pretty dire. I think I need to invest in a joke book for him if his comedic stint is going to continue. As much as I’m glad the holidays have started, it’s a bittersweet milestone saying goodbye to that whole year. The year that has hopefully been a good grounding to the rest of his educational life.

I won’t mention being terrified at how to constantly entertain a 5 year old plus baby through the next 6 weeks. I’m sure it’ll be fine.


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  1. Oh this is lovely Tas, I’m so enjoying reading all these end of year posts for all those little ones I saw starting school in September. I am that parent that gushes at the teacher too, Lucas’ was leaving so that made me particularly emotional! I think they do an amazing job! Love that Z is cracking jokes in class and o hope his Year 1 is just as good as this one xx
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  2. Such a lovely post! It sounds like he’s really thrived this year and enjoyed it all so much. It’s amazing how much more grown up he looks now too! Here’s to a fantastic year 1 for him (and a nice relaxing summer holiday for all of you!).
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 366 Week 29My Profile

  3. Z looks so grown up now! They’re such big milestones – starting and finishing reception year – and it’s such a relief to see them settle in and enjoy the experience. He looks so happy and proud.

  4. I think I might have cried reading the last paragraph! There are so many good thing in school isnt it and yet there are bad too. The one where you want him not to experience but he needs too. We have lots of them this year. This is such a lovely read. Something that I can totally relate to! #mysundayphoto
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  5. Such a gorgeous post which made me feel a bit emotional (yes I’m that Mummy too). It’s amazing how much they have changed – i can’t believe that Meme can now pick up a book and read it!! Amazing! Teachers are seriously worth their weight in gold! Enjoy your summer lovely and good luck!! Xx.
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  6. Ah Tas this is so lovely, and its no wonder he is growing into a lovely young man with such a lovely Mum, its amazing how school shapes then and teaches so many lessons. And ha ha the memory to forget, if you listen to Jack and Joe they never do anything at school x
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