My wish list for Theresa May

What I wish Theresa May would do

So Theresa May has started dropping bombshells about her new cabinet and I think it’s fair to say that things continue to shock the country as we all walk about a bit baffled as to wtf is actually going on. She’s been described as a “bloody difficult woman” and I was actually pleased about that bit, secretly hoping it would mean she’d bring in line all the utter chaos and stupidity that has gone on the last 3 weeks within the government. It’s clear that the nation needs an iron fist to rule at the moment and here’s some changes I wish she would make….(at the time of writing, Boris Johnson was made Foreign secretary. As the political climate seems to change hourly right now, I think I’ll go ahead and still put my wish list together).

Kidnap that EU lecturer from Liverpool university and appoint him as the Brexit leader.
I actually don’t know his name but, you know the one. He’s a rare breed that’s actually studied the EU laws and lectures about it for a living. Someone needs to shine a light in his eyes, gather all his knowledge, create a plan quick smart, and then push him in front of Junker and co. to negotiate the best deals for us. I only say “kidnap” as I assume the best brains in the cabinet have already invited him to join the Brexit negotiation table and he declined repeatedly as he ran for the hills.

In the same vein, it would be nice to kidnap / invite Martin S Lewis to tackle our budget.

In the days after Brexit, all eyes hunted desperately for George Osborne, wanting to know what this all meant for our finances. He emerged a few days later with words to the effect of “we have to do Brexit very very carefully”. A bit like Elmer Fudd would. Martin S Lewis had meanwhile already provided everyone with some much needed financial reassurance around what Brexit would mean for us all. At the moment, I think we need is some good robust financial advice, quickly and repeatedly as nothing is standing still. Also consider sticking him on the Brexit committee because we don’t have many from the leave campaign left to do anything productive.

Promise that worker protection laws will stay as they are.
They are currently fine and we don’t need to start taking them apart. Plus we have bigger Brexit fish to fry. Or increase quotas of. Whatever.

Sort out the Northern Ireland / Ireland border sensitivity quick smart. Because it needs to stay as is.

Make it mandatory to put a feasibility study together for big projects.
Like leaving the EU. It seems there is still no plan and Article 50 won’t be invoked until we work out what the hell we want to do about leaving. I have visions of someone horrifically discovering that the Brexit process document is actually in Draft and some poor apprentice is now chasing review comments from all involved so that they can finally trigger it all. Whatever it is that’s going on behind the scenes, it’s definitely not painting us in a good light, nor is it strengthening our bartering presence.

Implement a “you promise it during a campaign, you deliver it” policy.

This includes promises printed on leaflets, delivered in speeches anywhere on TV or painted on the side of a huge red bus. Sack anyone that blatantly lies on a grand scale. And by that, I mean presented with a P45 and not left to shilly shally about on the back benches smugly patting themselves on the back claiming they’ve “done their bit”.

Ban parliament members from publicly smearing other party members.
It’s been a bit like watching a terrible soap and cowboy western all rolled into one. People stabbing people in the back, people making speeches on national TV about how they’re the best and how their former best work colleague is unreliable, and then making us watch them all ride off into the sunset as they decide its all a bit hard and difficult and they will now support someone else instead. If I behaved like that at my work place, I’d not only be fired, I’d be stripped of certain credentials and sent on my way, with the promise of never working in the same sector again. It seems to be ok to behave this way when it comes to ruling the country.

Ban certain folk from visiting Brussels just to be abusive to the EU delegates accusing them of not doing any work.Z
Is that possible? Could he just be banned everywhere? And not just Brussels? Throw in Gove too? Please.

7 thoughts on “My wish list for Theresa May”

  1. One of the most sensible things I’ve read in ages, do you fancy a seat in parliament. It certainly worries me that no-one seems to know what they are doing and everyone is just going around smearing everyone else. It’s worse than a school playground, much worse. Then we have idiots going along to Brussels making us look like idiots because they think he represents our country.
    Lets hope Theresa May has some good tricks up her sleeve to get this mess in order. Women are generally good at cleaning up, I’m not hundred per cent sure this goes for women politicians though.
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  2. Love this post – Martin Lewis makes everything so much easier to understand – who doesn’t love him. I completely agree with if you promise it, deliver it! And yes no backstabbing, slagging people off etc seriously we teach our Children to be kind and fair why can’t MPs be the same!
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