6 helpful things for a roadtrip – With George Asda

When it was just the 3 of us, we would pretty much throw everything we needed on the back seat and in the boot. My car was a total tip from driving about for work but it was a bearable kind of tip. These days though, with two boys and two car seats with their respective bases, there’s not much space anymore to throw things about. Throw in a clumsy 5 year old and a baby who loves to bathe himself with his milk bottle and you have a car that is an absolute disgrace most of the time. It was so bad a few weeks ago that I cleaned it for an hour before taking it for a valet and didn’t make eye contact as I handed the keys over to the guy who would be cleaning it. It came back sparkling thankfully!

George Asda asked if we’d like to choose some items from their range that would help with our travels. With our impending road trip, it was the perfect chance to get a lot more organised both in the car, and out and about when we’re exploring. I was surprised to find that George does quite a lot of branded products. It’s not really the first place I’d think to ordinarily look for travel related things but there’s a huge selection and it’s a really good place to look if you’re going on holidays this summer, whether it be by plane or car. Here are some of our tips and what we have picked for our road trip…


1. Munchkin backseat organiser / Pushchair organiser

This is something we should have bought a few years ago. With little to no space on the backseat of our Golf, this backseat organiser is perfect to hold all those little vital things. Little Z is SO clumsy right now and drops anything he touches. This week, I’ve cleaned up spilled crisps, toast and fries from the floor because he got tired of holding it and ending up dropping it. I’m hoping having an organiser means he’s within arms reach of putting it somewhere other than the floor. It also doubles up as a pushchair organiser which means I don’t have to spend half my time on the floor on my hands and knees rummaging through my changing bag!

2. Go anywhere Gro -blind
I am absolutely desperate for some good sleep and usually hotels means a lovely big nice bed and a nice lie in. Post kids though…haha. We currently have blackout curtains and blinds through our entire house and it works. My worst nightmare would be to arrive at a hotel and be presented with flimsy paper thin curtains. No-one wants to arrive at a hotel with a baby and be presented with crap curtains. If you ever see an adult screaming in horror clutching hotel room curtains it’s probably because they know they’ll be up at dawn with their baby who is like a jack in the box when the sun pops up. The go anywhere Gro-blind has brilliant reviews and it’s something that will live in suitcase (and possibly our home windows too) forever more.

3. Russell Hobbs travel iron
We’ve stayed in countless hotels over the years with work and for family holidays. We’ve queued up for iron rooms and ordered irons over the phone. We’ve also, on the rare ocassion, been told that the hotel has no irons but that it does have a chargeable laundry service. We wore a lot of creased clothes that particular holiday. We now have a compact and lightweight travel iron and means we don’t have to cart a child down on one hip looking for ironing rooms or wait whilst someone comes to deliver the iron to our room. Take that chargeable laundry service!

4. Pushchair rain cover
Our trusted Quinny lives in our car but we’ve decided to take our little mothercare pushchair to Scotland as it’s easier to lift and cart up and down stairs. The baby loves it but we haven’t yet got a rain cover so this should help with the rainy weather that’s been forecast for the rest of this week. Hopefully we don’t need it but it’s small enough to store in the pushchair basket so ideal to carry about.

5. Chicco Baby driver
As it’s the baby’s first big road trip we need to keep him relatively entertained whilst he’s cooped up in his buggy for chunks of the day. He’s generally fine as long as you keep moving but as soon as you stop he will last about 5 minutes before trying to do a Houdini and attempt escape. This Chicco baby driver toy clips onto the pushchair and he’s had a test run already and loves it so should keep him occupied for a bit if we’re admiring fascinating things in museums.

6. ThermoCafe Matte Purple Travel Mug
It’s going to be an early start most days and lots and lots of tea will be needed.

6 thoughts on “6 helpful things for a roadtrip – With George Asda”

  1. We used to that Gro Blind with Mads ALL THE TIME! Then one day it lost it stickiness and we never used it again, but we loved it. These are great tips for products on a road trip, I know it can be a bit of a minefield with young children knowing what to pack! xx

  2. I totally agree with the products chosen. Bought the Russel hobbs travel iron a year or so ago while vacationing in S. Africa after that I kept it the drawers since I have not had the time and finances to tour the world.
    Till a few months ago while helping my little daughter sew some dresses for her Barbie doll and we needed to straighten this little dress she had made, I could not let her handle the normal iron since its hotter and a bit big for her tiny hands. The travel iron saved the day.
    Let’s just say it’s no longer our travel iron but her cherished Barbie iron.

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