Mooching about Manchester and planning a road trip to Scotland

We’ve had a much smoother second week off school. I think end of term-itis has hopefully come to an end and Little Z has been having plenty of lie ins, presumably recovering from end of term and not practicing for his teens. It’s all been very nice and we’ve been doing more pottering about most days, except for when he keeps leaving me to have a sleepover with my mum and dad. He is loving it there as all rules and bent and relaxed quite a lot and he gets one on one attention with no baby to butt in. I’m having to bribe him to come home to spend some time with me but it’s very much set the tone for our holidays. I think there will be many more sleepovers to come. I don’t mind so much as it means we get some quality time with Baby E who has started trying to climb things. This week he has managed all couches he has encountered and has made all the way up my parents stairs. His next challenge seems to be our coffee tables. He’s also loving slapping any gadget his gets his hands on. TVs, iPads, phones, anything at all. Make shift fortresses are being built around everything and I remember doing this with Z. We should probably get the baby gate down from he attic too as he can now open doors. It reminded me of that scene in Jurassic park when folk were horrified that the dinosaurs could now open DOORS! Of course, this is much cuter!

I think we’ve finally sorted our road trip to Scotland and I cannot wait. We will be doing a chunk of Perthsire, starting in Edinburgh and doing trips around Stirling, castle Doune, the Kelpies and then heading over to Loch Lomond. That’s the plan at least. We’ve never done a road trip with the baby before so it could all get changed but I’m hoping it all goes to plan. It’s meant to rain ALL week (boo!) but I’m starting to get very excited. For someone who loves castles, I had no idea Scotland had so many. I would have loved to just drive around for weeks but we do have to come home, I guess, so we’ll have to plan another once we get a flavour of it all this time.

We’ve meanwhile been enjoying the last of the forecasted sun today (please let there be more!). I love mooching about cities and Manchester is second home so always nice to pop to. Z is loving chasing pigeons right now and he tired himself out so much, he was asleep by about 6pm. And instead of packing, I’m watching the humongous Olympic opening ceremony waiting for Team GB to come on. Hope everyone else is having a lovely summer!







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  1. Hope the trip goes well! We’re preparing for two weeks in France where we’re going to be driving ourselves across – it’s the first time we’ve gone away for more than a week as a family, so fingers crossed!

  2. What fun times Z is having by the look of these photos… plus spending time with grandparents… woohoo!
    I’ll try to turn the heating up for your road trip up here to Bonnie Scotland. It’s a mixed bag just now with some sun, but quite a lot of rain. Fresh temperature too I’m afraid. Good luck and hopefully you’ll be lucky with the weather.
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  3. Love the colour in that first photo. Your trip sounds great fun, I really hope it all goes to plan for you. Will keep my fingers crossed for some good weather! We’ve had a few warmer, sunnier days and it makes me forget about the rain and cold.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 7.8.16My Profile

  4. Gorgeous photos and it sounds like you are having a nice holiday so far. I love Manchester too, I went to uni there and it is one of my favourite cities and it is so fascinating to explore. I can’t wait to see your photos of Scotland, it is top of my list of places to return to at some point. I so remember that point where A was suddenly very mobile and climbing, it does change things a lot doesn’t it? I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
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