Getting ready to be a trapeze artist


A year has flown by and I go back to work in just over a week. I had a big think this year on my “year off”. Did I really want to go back? Did I want to explore doing blogging full time? Is there anything else I could do? There’s nothing like stepping back from your busy non stop work life to make you suddenly think about what it is you might really want to do. It turns out, for all the moaning about early get ups and working extra days, I do really like my job. I don’t want to give it up and do something else. I love the people and the nature of it and I love what I bring to it. Its not always easy and it’s not always fun, but when it comes down to it, I like it too much to stop. I’ve realised I’m happy going back to it. Part time of course. I think I might collapse with all the juggling if attempted to go back full time.

And whilst I love my blog, I don’t think I could do it full time. As any blogger knows, it’s not as easy as it looks. The behind the scenes work can be immense and detailed and it takes a lot of self motivation at times to keep going. I really really enjoy writing and I love my blog to bits, even when it’s plummeting in the ranks. Those times test you a bit, when you don’t think it’s going so well. It’s when some will give up with it and let it slide further. I’ve learnt to let go of ranks a bit this year and blog for the love of it. Blogging with a new baby is hard and blogging whilst entertaining two kids is a wee bit challenging. So you either ignore your kids a bit or ignore your blog a bit. I’ve probably ignored my blog more than my kids and accepted I can’t fire from all cylinders sometimes. And weirdly, it’s a year I got given some of my most favourite opportunities to date. Huh.

My most daunting thing about going back to work is juggling it all. I have it all planned meticulously in my head. We have my family, the Other Halfs family and breakfast club to help tackle the school runs and childcare. I’m very lucky to have both sides of the family willing to take the boys. There will be long days and easier days. There will be days the Other Half will work from home and there will hopefully be days when I get to work from home. It’s half theoretical right now and I know I need to go back at least a few weeks before I know if it’s all working. Then there may be some more tweaks and more safety nets all over the place. I’ve realised working parents are not jugglers at all. They’re trapeze artists, throwing themselves about through thin air, catching the next swing perfectly, relying on those safety nets when they miss, catching the next trapeze artist, if needed, with perfect timing and finishing with an excess of somersaults and landing with a clean finish. If I can do all of that, plus daily year 1 spellings and reading, and not cry then I’ll be a very happy girl, even with rubbish somersaults and a landing on my bum. As long as there’s hot tea in there somewhere. Please be kind, the next chapter.

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11 thoughts on “Getting ready to be a trapeze artist”

  1. I hope it all goes well Tas, usually we dread all the change then it suddenly becomes the new normal and you forget what you were even worried about. I think a lot about what I’ll do when the twins start school, I’m not sure I want to blog full time either as I’d have to make it into much more of a business rather than something personal. Hope you enjoy getting back to it, I can definitely see the draw of going back to something you love and having a bit of time do enjoy a hot drink 🙂
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  2. Oh good luck! I often wonder if I should have ever given up work. I am now stuck with blogging as my only real choice as my husbands never around and we have no family. Of course it also means that I can’t make the most out of blogging as to be at the top you can’t just sit behind a computer. I am sure you will manage the juggling. Enjoy the hot tea xx
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  3. Ooo we do love to juggle! Although there is always dread about returning to work after so long off, although you’re not really off but if you wanted to stay in your PJs all day it’s not against policy, sometimes it’s good to get back into the routine.
    We manage to make it work, somehow. Some days I get to the end of the day and have no idea how we made it, others run smoothly and those are the days that you’ll remember when the kids are grown.
    Good luck rejoining the circus xx

  4. I think going back always feels a lot more daunting the second time around, I remember it well! I hope that it all goes super smoothly and you don’t feel pulled in too many directions! I’m sure once you all get into the hang of the new routine it will be fine. I love your analogy about parents being trapeze artists too; that feels so very true!

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