Now you are 1 – Happy Birthday Baby E

imageNow you are 1 – Happy Birthday Baby E

A whole year has absolutely flown by and I can’t believe I have a one year old. Our huge bonus baby who came along a year ago today after the hospital decided the original date (two days earlier) just wasn’t happening. I still remember sitting there all nervous and excited. We were met with very apologetic faces explaining that they’d had a last minute emergency section to perform and it had meant we were being bumped to two days later. They were really surprised when our reaction was surprise, then a simple “oh ok, we understand”. After all, we had been that emergency 4 years earlier when little Z had to be pulled out in a huge rush.

It was such a different birth and different everything. You didn’t have reflux like your brother and that made everything about a million times easier. Even the countless nights you kept (and keep) waking up. I thought this time round I might be blessed with a sleeper as Little Z was so rubbish at it. It wasn’t to be and you still wake once a night without fail. I’m now convinced any future babies we may have will also be crap sleepers. I think I’ve aged about threefold in the last year as a result of it. The bags under my eyes now tell my real age and I would seriously consider some under eye fillers about now.

You’re so feisty compared to your big brother. He’s our happy placid one that (mostly) listens when you say no. You, on the other hand, will scream in our faces and do it anyway. You’ve made a bee line for the bin, fireplace, TV, anything you shouldn’t. He ignored all of that and pottered about whilst you get into every nook and cranny we have around. We now have so many child locks everywhere, our house is like a low budget version of the crystal maze. I constantly get both Little Z and your Daddy grumbling about yet another lock on something. Amazon must be wondering why I need so many. You don’t care though and will keep trying to get into things. I’m now considering chaining the TV to the wall as you keep climbing onto it and shaking it.

I think you love your big brother more than us. I should get you a cardboard cut out of him for your birthday as you miss him when he’s at school. You usually try to grab him as soon as he comes out of class and slap him in the face repeatedly. It’s your way of saying you really like him and he relishes that he’s your favourite person. He asked me tonight if you’ll be able to speak “like us” now that you’re turning one and he can’t understand why its taking you so long. You’re both so mischievous when you’re together and that big age gap doesn’t seem to matter at all at the moment.

We’ve put baby gates up to stop you clambering up the stairs constantly, only to find Little Z sneaks you upstairs whenever you want. Neither of you is very quiet about it so we keep busting you and telling you both off. He always invents some story about how you overpowered him and you always just squeal with delight, as if it’s all part of a fun game. I’m not quite sure how terrified I should be of what you’ll both get up to together when you’re a bit older. It’s lovely to see that you finally like and understand each other though. I hope it lasts forever.

As always, we said we would do “something very small” for your birthday. That’s now turned into a bigger family meal with cake. I’m currently making last minute pass the parcels and I’d forgotten how mental party planning can be, no matter how small the party. I hope you enjoy it even though you won’t remember it. It’s a refereeing rollercoaster with two. But the kind where you’re tempted to put your hands up during the scary bits, except of course when you wonder how the heck you’ll ever manage two.

May there be many many more adventures to come x

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  1. How is he one already?? I think he is the fastest growing baby ever! He is so gorgeous though and it is funny how different they all are isn’t it? (although sometimes that is a very good thing). I hope you have all enjoy the day and save me some cake xx
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…The front seat of the carMy Profile

  2. Oh wow! One already, that year does seem to have flown by. Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous little man. That is a beautiful photo of E, he is such a cutie! My girls prefer each other to anyone else too and they have a massive age gap – it is reassuring isn’t it?!? Have a great week xx
    Lisa@intotheglade recently posted…The View from the Hudson!My Profile

  3. One already!! That has gone so quickly, hope he had a lovely birthday. This has made me laugh as it sounds so much like me with Lucas and then the twins, we had to have locks on so many cupboards with the twins that we didn’t need with Lucas. It’s amazing how different they can be, sounds like they have such a lovely relationship though, love that they get into mischief together even now. They are such beautiful boys xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…A Little Bit Lately #27My Profile

  4. What a quick year. Happy birthday wee E. it’s been a delight to watch you grow. I look forward to following many more. You are doing fab as a family of four. Hope he had the best day x

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