The last of summer


I absolutely love summer and am one of those moaners that complains about how I don’t like dark nights and cold mornings and bad weather. I reluctantly acknowledge that Autumn is indeed beautiful with all its golden colours and, thinking about it, I do absolute love December. All that winding down for the year, then Zs birthday, then Christmas and New Year galore. That month ends up being a huge whirlwind in our house. Maybe this is why God gave me babies in Autumn and Winter. To stop me acting like a bear with a sore head for a quarter of the year. I promise to do try to enjoy it all a bit more, especially as I’m going back to work in two weeks. Two weeks! A whole year of maternity leave has gone by. How did that happen? It’s actually a week and a half, but being in denial about it is easier for now.


Little Z is settling nicely into Year 1 so far and we’ve found its a bit of a leap from reception so need to carve some time to do our daily spellings and all the bits and bobs that come with homework. I think that he might be ready for a bit of Roald Dahl after watching Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory movie and loving it. I’m tempted to start with Georges Marvellous medicine but I’m slightly paranoid he might want to test it all out on one of his own grandmas. Hopefully not.


In the meantime, I’ve been savouring the last of the summer by squeezing in some last minute day trips to places I kept meaning to go to over the year and having coffee dates with good friends. I believe all good things should be dragged out as long as you can, preferably until the next big good thing. Like maybe a holiday somewhere before the end of year if we can sort it out in time. It would be absolutely lovely to extend summer a bit more right now, but I suppose I am ready for Autumn now.

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  1. Good grief, a year since your little one was born? That went quick. Make the most of those last two weeks and keep visiting those places you promised yourself you would. Loving the brown leaves on the ground. Much as I adore the colours of autumn, I am a summer type of guy!
    John Adams recently posted…Making a quick get awayMy Profile

  2. Eek! A week and a half until you go back to work!
    I’m glad you’re making the most of these last few days. I’m not a fan of winter, so I’m not much of a fan of autumn either – because it means winter is on the way! But I do love the autumn colours at least. And we’ve got the panto to brighten up our winter, so it’s not all bad!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 25.9.16My Profile

  3. We read George’s Marvellous Medicine to Lucas and he loved it!! James also found an old jackanory clip on YouTube if Rik Mayall reading it which is brilliant. This year seems to have gone so quick, I can understand you making the most of the last few days before you go back to work!! Once you’re back it will probably be like you’ve never been away xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Colder Months & Cosy CandlesMy Profile

  4. I cannot believe how quickly the last year has went. It’s been lovely to watch wee E grow. How are you feeling about going back to work? I was always quite nervous thinking everything has carried on & what if I don’t fit any more. Then two days later it’s as if you’ve never been away. So hard to leave your little ones. Autumn is my fave month of the year, but I do feel we’ve not had much of a summer x

  5. I hop that your return to work goes smoothly lovely, it must be so daunting. I can’t believe it has been a year. I feel a bit the same about autumn, i think the dark nights is the worst thing about it. But it is indeed beautiful. xx

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