Baby at the Table: Chiappas – Weaning the Italian Way. A review and giveaway

Baby at the table - weaning the Italian way

Baby at the table - weaning the Italian way

Baby at the Table

We’ve recently been trialling recipes from Baby at the table – A 3 step guide to weaning the Italian way. It’s been written by Michela and Emanuela Chiappa, 2 sisters born and raised in an Italian family and who live in the Welsh Valleys. The book gives a bit about their background and their huge of food and the book contains a huge number of recipes that are suitable for Baby, Toddler and Family; the 3 steps. I always think Italians (and Greeks!) and Indians (Me!) have a lot in common. They come from huge families, have a community centric upbringing and absolutely love food. So I really liked this book. I instantly loved the way all the recipes are made with everyday simple ingredients and so many are so straightforward and easy to put together. Whilst I love eating, I really don’t enjoy slaving over dishes for a long time and this book is ideal if you’re someone like me.

The Chiappas

The Chiappas

The Chiappas

Raised in big Italian community in South Wales, Emi, Romi and Michela Chiappa have grown up in a large family and loving food. Emi and Michela have recently became first time mums and wanted to keep the Italian values and traditions around food with their own children and instil a love of eating from an early age. They’ve used this book to pass on their own recipes and tips that have been handed down to them, whilst making sure the recipes are simple and for both a weaning baby and a family.

Weaning babies

Guides and cupboard essentials

There are some really useful guides around the proportion of milk to food that should be given to babies of different ages. It’s a great little snapshot as I think you can easily forget if your baby is a bit of a milk monster, like my Z was. He got to the age of 3 loving milk and not much else and hence, we had a bit of a challenge to try to get him to eat different foods. Baby E is the total opposite to him and loves food. I’ve no idea why they are both so different and can only put it down to a) pot luck and b) we were a lot less precious with our second born. Of course, every baby is different and comes with their own unique fussiness but this guide is a handy little thing to have, especially if you just want to use it as a spot check.
There’s also a little section showing what essentials to have both in your freezer and cupboard, including herbs, vegetables, cheese and equipment and utensils. I’m not great at doing this myself all the time but I do keep some essentials in the freezer and cupboard which has been hammered into my head by my food loving mum. It definitely helps save time and speeds up cooking.

Weaning the italian way


The recipes go right from How to make a basic puree to textured meals for a baby, to toddler snacks and to quick family meals. I like how it includes information on how to defrost things, how to reheat (if its safe to do so) how hot you should have it, and what not to do. I remember being terrified of making my own food the first time round and would regularly slide over to using jars as soon as I could. This time round, it’s just easier to make one meal for two boys and as Baby E loves fingers foods, I’ve been lucky in that I can give them the same thing most of the time. All recipes will account for taking a bit out for the baby before seasoning with salt and the 3 sections nicely guide you to what is suitable for your little one.


Things we made

We trialled the broccoli and sweet potato balls and they were so easy to make. It’s a mixture of sweet potato, broccoli, parmesan, crushed cornflakes, egg, garlic, breadcrumbs and some seasoning. Shaped into balls and oven baked for 15-20 minutes, both baby and 5 year old Z had a quick, easy and healthy meal and snack respectively yesterday. We then made some yoghurt and berry bark which was super simple too and really delicious.


Yoghurt berry bark

What we think

This book is just lovely and I’d recommend it to any weaning mum, whether you’re a terrified first timer like I was, or just someone looking for inspiration for meal times. You will love it if you’re a lazy cook like me thats always looking for something quick but tasty and you’ll like it even if you’re a mum chef looking for new ideas for family dinners. Some I have my eye on for the next few days are the salmon and brocolli lemon pasta and the speedy bagel pizzas. All look full of flavour and are made with simple ingredients to give good hearty meals. If you fancy your chance at winning one then you can enter the giveaway below!

We were provided with a Baby at the Table weaning cookbook. All opinions are our own.

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24 thoughts on “Baby at the Table: Chiappas – Weaning the Italian Way. A review and giveaway”

  1. I don’t remember much from my own childhood. I loved when my 4 year old was learning to walk. She was almost 2 we had waited ages for her to let go of the furniture and when she finally did she spent the entire day running from one sofa to the other

  2. Ooh this looks lovely! In terms of childhood memory, my absolute favourite has to be the day that my parents and I took a walk down through the fields beyond our farm one sunny day and discovered some lagoons a couple of miles away, nestled beneath some hills. We went swimming in them with our dogs and it was just the most perfect, magical afternoon. I can’t wait to introduce my son to spontaneous trips like that 🙂

  3. My favourite baby memory was becing a mam for the very first time – as soon as my son was born he was handed to me and it felt so emotional!

  4. My favourite memory is when I made a birthday cake with my Mum – I still remember it, it was so fun I felt like suc ha big girl!

  5. I have lots of lovely memories about christmas, decorating the tree, opening presents and lots of family visiting.

  6. The book looks great – I love the idea of simplicity and joy going hand in hand. It sounds a world away from the preachy weaning books that made me feel inadequate when I had my babies. I am going to enter this competition on behalf of my sister, who I think would LOVE this book for her daughter.

  7. With all 3 of my children I have loved the time when they first started talking. It’s so special when they can suddenly start communicating better and are so proud of themselves.

  8. Playing with my brothers and sisters, I still love them to the moon and back now. I hope my little ones will be the best of friends too. We are 3 weeks into weaning! Love it. X

  9. I remember around age 5 or 6 , I got a toy Emu puppet and I used to attack everyone with it like on the tv programme!

  10. Amazing family holidays to the Lake District. We now go once a year and my son loves it. Hopefully my baby daughter will love it just as much!

  11. I have a lovely picture of the first time our daughter tried raspberries, literally everywhere!! Makes me laugh everytime

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