My Year 1 boy

Something happened over the summer holidays. In all our days of pottering about and running from place to place, I didn’t even really notice it happen. Then Z went back to school and that’s when I realised that my big boy had changed a lot. He’d suddenly grown up a lot, in character as well as maturity.

He no longer needed to be coaxed into school week after week and I no longer had to count down the days for him and promise it was just two more days till the weekend where he could have two whole days off school. He was going into class quite happily and really seemed to like Year 1. I wasn’t too sure why though because he loved playing SO much and that was all back at reception. It’s been a good few weeks since then and he’s still going into class willingly. Of course there are days when it takes a good few attempts to get him out of bed but it’s a huge relief to see he is enjoying Year 1, this more grown up year of more writing and more reading. Spellings still feels like a huge chore and can be almost torturous on some days, but a love of reading is blossoming nicely. It reminds me of me many years ago, getting lost in a story and wanting to know what happens on the next page. It’s lovely to watch his reactions when reading and I am itching to introduce him to Roald Dahl, albeit a bit early. I know he will absolutely love George’s Marvellous medicine, but I know I will have to issue stern warnings about never ever EVER trying it on either of his Grandmas. He’s even taken to letting the baby join in with reading time, or any kind of playing time, which is lovely to see. Like when they spent a whole hour in a huge box this weekend.

He’s also grown in confidence over the last year and he surprised us a few days ago when he offered to order his own meal and proceeded to politely pick things off the menu. He then went over to the counter to ask them for another drink. A year ago he would have simply smiled and hoped that the waiter smiled back. And where once the prospect of going to breakfast club would have him looking very anxious, we agreed he would try it out and he bravely went in on the first day and fell in love with it all. It’s always run by his two favourite teachers plus a very lovely teacher from one of the senior years. He now asks to go every single day, about 3 times a day. I think Mario kart has something to do with it.

He definitely has his difficult times, like any child, and food is still a constant battle in our house. School meals have helped a massive amount and I’m so grateful he’s now eating more than just toast and pasta and potatoes. And like any 5 year old, he can be super cheeky and evidently has the answer to everything, even when he’s stubbornly refusing to eat and when I’m threatening to take his treats away. This a flavour of my life right now…

Me: “If you don’t eat, I’m going to throw your drink in the bin”
Z: “You have to put it in recycling”
Me: “…eat!”

I need to work harder on my comebacks.


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  1. Isn’t it funny how all the toys in the world can’t beat a good old cardboard box! It is amazing how much they grow up as they go into Year 1 and you will see it again next year as A is so grown up now, I almost can’t remember what she was like in Reception and then you look at the Reception children and they all look so small in comparison. It is seriously crazy. It all sounds really positive though which is great.
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  2. It’s frightening just how fast the time goes, because you reminded me just how much my son liked to play with boxes and he’s 24 on his next birthday. Make note of the subtle changes because they can slip right on by. Great to hear of Z’s positive attitude to school. You must be relieved.

  3. Oh I’m so glad he’s enjoying it; it’s so hard when you know they have to go to school but they’re not keen! I love the picture of them all in the box, somehow a large box will always trump any number of toys!!
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  4. Hi Tas, it so nice when a child progresses on their own, under our very noses. It just goes to show that when children are ready they can take things in their stride. If anyone were to write a Book Of Comebacks, it would be an instant best seller, but they would have to be good ones!

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  5. Fab photo! Kids love a good cardboard box don’t they? He sounds like a wonderful little boy. They all try our patience but I think that’s part of their job as they grow up and gain more independence.
    Laura recently posted…CreepyMy Profile

  6. Really lovely to hear he is enjoying school and its sometimes so hard to notice the changes day to day isn’t it? My eldest is obsessed with Roald Dahl and has done since she was 3 so it’s never too early! X

  7. Haha so cute and yes I have to work on my comebacks too. I could have written this post as it is the same with Mads, Jon and I were just looking at her today and saying we can’t believe how grown up she is. It’s lovely to see them doing so well in year one isn’t it? x

  8. Ha ha that is soooo funny recycling cheeky little thing, I think the school thing sinks in all of a sudden and what a relief when it does. And the food thing, that just gets easier and easier all the time. Jack was terrible when he was younger and has steadily improved x
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  9. Love it. They definitely make a big leap don’t they – although N wouldn’t go and order food or drinks, although he will hand over money at a till for a purchase.

    Glad it’s going well with the reading etc and no playing. N made me laugh pouring scorn on the reception year because all they do is play. Yep, that’s what he did all of last year!

    Do come and link up over at #schooldays.
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  10. The bit about the comebacks has made me laugh out loud, that is SO me and they always have an answer for everything. I always swore I wouldn’t resort to, ‘cos I said so’ and I say it several times a day!! It sounds like he’s really settled down and I feel the same about Lucas, it’s so lovely to see them growing up and becoming proper little people. You should defintley read him Geoge’s Marvellous Medicine, Lucas absolutley loved it!! xx
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  11. It’s funny how they just turn a corner all of a sudden isn’t it! Rowan HATED school, so much so that if you recall we considered taking him out of school altogether because it was wearing us all down no end. Well he went back in September and he is like a different child – literally runs into school! I’m glad Z has the same attitude, maybe the food will be his next big breakthrough!

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