Baby E at 14 months old

Our littlest man turned 14 months a couple of days ago and he’s reaching a few lovely milestones. He’s finally plucked up the courage to let go of the furniture and take a good few unaided steps. He took his very first steps all by himself a good month or so ago but he then decided not to excite his parents too much and refused to do it again no matter how much encouragement we gave him. It was kind of a blessing on the 8 hour flight to and from Abu Dhabi as it meant he wasn’t too bothered about toddling about and preferred to just stand and climb wherever he was placed.

It was about a week after we were back he suddenly just let go and has been confidently toddling about. He’s still crawling a lot more as it’s faster for him but we get treated to more and more steps as the hours go by. I wonder if he’ll be a full blown toddler this time next month.

He’s also started calling everyone “Baaa!” And he says it quite a lot so sounds like a cute little lamb all day long as he tries to communicate whatever he wants through that one word. He was saying “Daaa” at one point but he now prefers his new word for everything.

He often gets mistaken for a girl and I think it’s because of his curly thick hair which we keep promising to cut. We always back out though because we don’t want him to look any older. We definitely should do it though. At some point!

Our civilised little baby wants to eat all his food with a fork, which is in complete contrast to his 5 year old brother who prefers his hands for everything. The only problem is the times he stabs his sibling with it but he’s slowly learning the word “No”. It’s often used by us whenever he tries to scale the coffee table to shake the TV; one of his most favourite hobbies (besides smacking his elder brother a lot!).


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  1. Aww bless him. We too need a hair cut but I just can’t bring myself to do it…yet. I feel like once cut, the curls may be gone forever and I can’t take that risk 🙁 let’s have long haired boys together x

  2. Well done E for walking! He looks and sounds so cute! Cutting their hair always seems like a big step because it’s like cutting the baby away from them. It was ages before we cut my eldest’s hair and he always had very long hair and was always being mistaken for a girl too.
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  3. He’s gorgeous Tas and I still can’t quite believe he is 14 months old, how?!! Where does the time go? It’s a lovely age though, although soon he is going to be into absolutely everything now he is walking! And I love that he beats up his big bro haha, that’s the same in our house! xx

  4. Aaawww, your son is gorgeous! I chuckled to myself when I read that he likes to stab his brother with the fork or smack his brother…cute but I guess, as parents, you have to keep telling him ‘No’ 🙂

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