A postcard from Abu Dhabi – a lovely half term break

Sunset in Abu Dhabi

Fairmont Abu Dhabi

We’ve been in Abu Dhabi about 4 days now and I kept meaning to send this sooner. You know how it is though. We got a bit caught up in all the sun and food and more sun. It is so lovely here. I wasn’t 100% sure there’d be that much to do here when we booked it. We’d found the holiday all a bit last minute and never had any time to look at things to do but it’s a whole hive of all sorts. A sort of a calmer Dubai, but still as vibrant and jam packed with sights and attractions; definitely not just all dessert. And Abu Dhabi is hot, around 31 degrees right now.

Flying with a 1 year old

Abu Dhabi


We’ve spent days lounging on the Abu Dhabi beaches and at the hotel pools and we’ve eaten so well. I think I have have eaten my own body weight in beef brisket burgers, they are a-maz-ing. There are people here who have stunning beach bodies and who have obviously worked out for months before coming, full of self control at all the dining places and complete with perfect tans. Then there’s me, making a long mental list daily of what new thing i can eat. It is foodie heaven here.

Beef brisket
Chocolate gallery fairmont

Fairmont cakes

Macarons chocolate gallery

The boys are loving it. Both caught a bug on different days which slowed us down a bit but it’s meant we all took it easier and read books and stopped rushing about. I’m always slightly dubious about any hotel we book for the first 24 hours, no matter how nice, as I worry if it’ll be family friendly and worth the money. It was the same here until I saw the food and all the facilities, but more so when the boys got poorly with a 24 hour bug. The hotel staff have been SO helpful and just perfect with looking after them. Most of the concierge now know both our little monkeys and they regularly say “we were just talking about you”, when they really mean they were wondering about how the boys are. A real kid loving place. I want to come back here next year now.

Ferrari worldM
Sheikh Zayed mosque

We’ve made it to some good places like the Sheikh Zayed mosque, Ferrari world, Yas island and Yas Mall and hopefully will do the corniche today. I’ll blog about those once I’m back. We have a really lovely view of the mosque from our hotel room and we watch the sky change into all sorts of colours over it as the sun goes down each day. The skyline is all corporate and financial hubs around here and some of the architecture is so impressive and still changing. I think it’ll look a lot busier in a few years. We’ve done our usual thing of “do you think we should look to move here?”. That’s when we know we really loved the holiday. I think I’d move for the beef brisket alone to be honest, but I suppose one needs a salary to pay for all that brisket meat too.

Kids in Abu Dhabi

Sunset in Abu Dhabi

Wish you were here. Mwah!

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46 thoughts on “A postcard from Abu Dhabi – a lovely half term break”

  1. Lovely pictures. I would love to visit the Grand Mosque. Never been to AD but have been to Dubai many times. It’s on my list for next year! If you are interested I am currently doing a roundup of Great Middle Eastern hotels 2016 and looking for collaborators. If you would like to be involved send me an email at wandermustfamily at wandermustfamily.com


  2. I loved the enormity and the extravagance of Dubai, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t find the people we met very friendly. Such a contrast to you. It’s such an interesting place to visit and I would go back, but there wasn’t the warmth I’d experienced in other places.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  3. Look at those beaches!I could do with a bit of sun at the moment – we woke up to snow this morning! I hadn’t realised how much there was to do in Abu Dhabi with kids before. Thanks for sharing. #citytripping

  4. My husband travels alot in the Middle East for work and we often piggy back if his trips coincide with a hotel, but we are yet to go to Abu Dhabi although he has been many times. Looks like you had a great holiday. Thanks for sharing. #bloggerclubuk

  5. I need to visit: gorgeous photos and like you guys we do that ‘shall we move here?’ thing when we love a holiday. Travelling is everything isn’t it?! Love this post xx

  6. Tas this looks absolutely amazing, and all that food!! Sorry to hear the boys got a little stomach bug whilst you were out there but brilliant that the hotel staff were so helpful. We always talk about moving abroad (to wherever we happen to be at the time!) as well haha.

  7. Abu Dhabi sounds and looks interesting. I reckon it’s always in the shadow of vibrant Dubai but of late, I have come across a number of travelogues on Abu Dhabi – I’m tempted now! πŸ™‚

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