Weekend foodie heaven – Brunch at the Abu Dhabi Fairmont

When we checked into our hotel the hotel ran through all their facilities and mentioned “Brunch at the Fairmont” was held on Fridays. I didn’t think too much of it as I was too busy concentrating on when breakfast would be served, but I did make a mental note to find out more about it.

As holidays go, time ran away with us whilst we were having fun and it was soon Friday, the first weekend day of the UAE weekend and Brunch at the Fairmont day. When I saw them starting to set up food stations in, not only all their hotel restaurants, but across all the connecting hallways, I suddenly tried to get a reservation. It was fully booked out. Arghh!! But the hotel said they’d let us know if a table came up and, very luckily, we managed to get a table.

It really wasn’t like our UK brunch. It was huge. Really really huge! And just by chance, we happened to be staying at the hotel that was rated number 1 for brunches in Abu Dhabi. Food heaven! I think what makes this one stand out is how their 4 restaurants plus the entire lower ground floor is turned into a foodie heaven for half the day and you can wander about through all of them sampling everything for hours. You really do have to pace yourself and I’d made the mistake of having a hearty breakfast in the morning. Still, I made a valiant attempt to get around it all and soldiered on for a couple of hours like a food hero. It really is something to experience at least once, if you happen to find yourself in Abu Dhabi and it looks like it’s a huge highlight of their weekend. It goes on till mid afternoon so it really is like a food event more than just a brunch. I think I remember everything from seafood to salads to Indian food to carvery to lobster to Italian to cakes to chocolate shawarmas. Some of you might have noticed all my dessert photos on Instagram. A few of those were especially for kids! I was a bit envious of all their amazing cupcakes, so nicely decorated. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at brunches in the same way again, but here are some of our photos from that very nice foodie adventure….

Brunch at the Fairmont


Brunch at the Fairmont


Brunch at Fairmont

Brunch at the Fairmont

Brunch at the Fairmont

Brunch at the Fairmont

Brunch at the Fairmont

Brunch at the FairmontBrunch at the Fairmont


Brunch at the Fairmont

Brunch at the Fairmont

Amazing cupcakes

Chocolates shawarma

Amazing cakes

Chocolate gallery


Amazing Oreo cupcakes

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Amazing brunch at the Fairmonth Hotel Abu Dhabi

13 thoughts on “Weekend foodie heaven – Brunch at the Abu Dhabi Fairmont”

  1. I was hungry before I read this, but now… What an incredible Brunch! Brunches were a really big deal when we lived in Copenhagen, but I have not seen anything quite like this! 😀 #citytripping

  2. wow, I’m glad i’d eaten my lunch before i read this! I’ve been sat here with my mouth open looking at all your pictures! I don’t think i’ve ever had brunch unless you count a slice of toast at 11am! This looks fantastic and glad you managed to get a table to enjoy it

  3. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt!
    I love a luxury hotel breakfast/ brunch. I would have sat in front of that pile of crab legs and worked through every single one! What a great experience x

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