The City Tour by Baby Jogger review and favourite features

The City Tour by Baby Jogger

I always really wanted something like the City Tour by Baby Jogger when I was pregnant with Baby E. The one hand fold was just so appealing and they always look like such nicely designed buggies don’t they? I already had a pristine looking Quinny that I’d bought 5 years ago though and it had hardly been used so, in the end, my head won over my desire for a new stroller and I parked the new buggy dreams. I have to say I was delighted when we got sent the City Tour by Baby Jogger to review.


First impressions

It is a very stylish piece of baby strolling kit. I thought I would persuade the husband to assemble it for me when it arrive and he did it within a couple of minutes. Mainly as there’s no assembly whatsoever. You pop the wheels on and that’s about it! We have the onyx one which is perfect for us but you can also get it in a Juniper (close to teal) and a lovely violet. I think one of the things that defines Baby Jogger is the way the seat goes all the way from top to toe. So they have a good head rest as well as a good foot rest. That’s not always available in all strollers and this is one the first things that struck me; that he’s going to be quite comfortable in it.

Spec and Measurements

Dimensions folded up: H45.7 x W25.4 x L55.8cm
Dimensions opened up: H98.8 x W45.5 x L90.9cm
Weight: 6.4kg (14.1lbs)
Warranty: Lifetime on the frame and 1 year for textiles
Colours: Available in Black, Onyx and Juniper


The City Tour – Our favourite features


The straps

Baby E pretty much wanted to try it out straight away and climbed into it to acquaint himself. Then he sat as if he was in his favourite armchair and watched Bing on CBeebies whilst I took some photos of all the little features. The five point harness is such an excellent thing for little wrigglers, especially my wriggler. Our current stroller has a five point harness too but he always manages to loosen it up just by leaning forward. The City Tour has good quality and sturdy straps that stay in place (thankfully!!), so we’re not forever adjusting the straps back again to keep him snug and secure.

City tour by Baby Jogger

City tour by Baby Jogger


The recline and the hood

My other favourite bit was the reclining back. There is a toggle on the back which lets you adjust the height easily. You can alter the recline quite quickly, and it doesn’t suddenly plummet, so your baby won’t get a shock. It’s a great thing to see your baby leaning against what looks like a nice padded frame as you know he can snooze in it very happily. It also means we can do long walks and days out and he can nap on the go.


The hood is another really good and practical feature. Its a four panel, large, SPF 50+ extendable hood that has a peep window at the top and extends out in a similar fashion to a robust slinky. It can be retracted all the way back too when you’re not using it, or when you need to collapse it back down.




The two point collapse

Putting the stroller up and collapsing the stroller back down again is easy once you know how. You do need to take a few minutes to just familiarise yourself but there are clear instructions on the buggy and you probably need one or two practice runs and you’re away. You pretty much press the button on the top your handlebar, fold it over, press the red release button, which is just under the seat, and then pull the correct handle in the seat. This will fold the stroller up umbrella style. It took me a few attempts but I can now do it! Baby E is now getting too heavy for the baby carrier on school runs so this stroller has come at the perfect time for my poor back.

You can store the whole thing in a Baby jogger rucksack style bag and its great to carry on your back. Personally, this is not something I think I’ll ever do it, as mine lives in the boot of my car, but its a great way to carry it if you ever need to.



Its light and you can take it on a flight!

As I’m 5 foot nothing in height I love anything that’s compact and anything that’s light. The City tour is Baby Joggers lightest and most compact stroller yet at 14lbs. My Quinny takes a bit of effort to dismantle and then pack into the car boot of my Volkswagen golf. The city tour folds down so neatly in comparison and it doesn’t feel like you’re wrestling it into a small space.

AND its small enough for the overheard compartment on flight! Whilst we haven’t had chance to test this out on a flight just yet, I LOVE this fact, as it means we won’t be waiting about on our next holiday looking for our stroller on a separate conveyor belt to the rest of our luggage, which is what happens, more often than not. I saw a couple recently on our Abu Dhabi holiday with their Baby Zen Yoyo and they look similar in structure, and it fit into the overhead quite nicely so I have high hopes for our next trip.

Just a word of caution…the airline will only let you take it on IF their policies allow it. We went to Turkey early on this year and that particular airline still didn’t allow them on board. I’m hoping all airlines will be ok with compact strollers by early next year…which is when we hope to escape abroad again!

The maneuverability

There is something about me that loves 3 wheeled strollers. I’m not sure why, but I think it makes them look like they are very streamlined. I’m slightly hesitant when I see a 4 wheeled one but then I realised something in testing the City Tour. It’s not the number of wheels. It’s the high powered maneuverability that I love. The pushing about one handed whilst you’re on the phone. The changing direction in a nano second because you’re in a rush and having your stroller keep up with you. The smooth turning of corners without any kind of jarring. That’s what I love about a good quality stroller and the City Tour has them all. You can lock the wheels to roll straight if you need to and then unlock just easily at the base of the wheels.



the City Tour by Baby Jogger – Overall

City Tour


I can’t wait to take this on our next road trip and holiday abroad. It’s such a comfortable stroller and I will no longer have to support Baby E’s head once he falls asleep by popping his blanket under his chin. Its a brilliant space saver in the car too which means the Quinny will now go into storage whilst this becomes our main buggy for all trips. As it lasts from 6 months to 3 years I can see how this would be worth the price if you buy it early enough. It’s been designed to a really high standard and its something that’s already serving me well on school runs. I’m not quite sure how it might fare on sand or snow…but time (and our many photos of our trips) will tell!


We were sent the City Tour by Baby Jogger to review. All views are our own.

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City Tour by Baby Jogger - Perfect stroller for holidays

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  1. I love this – we have also thought about getting a new pram for baby number 3 – but as much as I wanted one we decided to be sensible and dig our old one out. This looks lovely though – I honestly cant believe how excited I can get over a new pram!!

  2. He looks really comfy in it! My friend had one and I was always very impressed with how easy it folds down and how light it is. She said it was fantastic for holidays and going into London in. I thought about getting one if my Bugaboo Bee didn’t make it through the 2nd child baby to toddler stage but it looks as if our buggy days are over now (sob!).

  3. I haven’t heard of the The City Tour by Baby Jogger before but it sounds and looks amazing! It is very stylish, I love the hood! Great to hear it didn’t need to be assembled. I use to hate putting my strollers together, haha.
    Lovely photos, too. IT looks like your little one really likes the new stroller! xx

  4. We have a double Baby Jogger for the twins and it is still going strong, I would recommend them to anyone as I think it’s amazing. It’s so light for a double and really easy to manoeuvre, even now they are nearly three! This one looks lovely, I think they are such great value for what you get and I absolutely love the way it folds up. E looks so happy in there, photos are gorgeous!
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  5. Looks like a fab pushchair, we are passed those days now. When I did have one it was a 4 wheeler cumbersome hard to take on public transport and had a fiddly brake. This one sounds awesome!

  6. This looks like a lovely design and it sounds like you really enjoy using this pram. If it wasn’t for the fact my little one hardly uses his now I would consider buying this. Ours just isn’t cutting it anymore, and we do need a new one but he won’t be in it at all much longer and he walks pretty much everywhere now. I like the fact that this pram is light and it looks sort of like a 3 wheeler with it being narrow at the front but actually has 4 wheels! Lovely design choice.

    Jordanne ||
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