Waiting for this time next week

It’s almost time to wind down and I cannot wait. This week has been spent on the road most days. Long trips down South for work and long trips up north for cars have meant the week has totally flown by but been a bit or a tiring one. I’ve seen many a scene like this over the days but, of course, I can’t really snap them on my camera whilst I’m driving, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say there’s been some very pretty skies about. This is a sunset I caught on an impromptu visit to Yorkshire a couple of days ago. Driving over the tops always treats you to a very nice view. We must definitely visit more in the new year.

We’ve been full of bugs this week and sound like a cross between old men hacking away and sea lions being extra loud. We’re mostly trying to sleep it off and pop pills to try to cure ourselves. It’s not going too well yet but I really don’t want to have to squeeze in a trip to the doctors so I am tanking myself up on tea and hoping for the best. We still have another week of school left and it’s going to feel a bit slow I think. The nativity play is all done and Little Z delivered his line very loudly. It reminds me of when I used to be in the nativity many moons ago with my own very loud voice. We were the parents that kept waving to him any time he made eye contact and he was the child that waved back from the stage precisely every 5 minutes. Nativity plays are really long once your child has delivered their one line i find but it was still good. It’s always so sweet watching them all be excited and bored and shy and loud.

I’m not going to wish away the next week as there’s still so much to do…but I can’t wait till next week!


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  1. I’ve been similar this week. Lots of dashing around trying to get work finished – I’ve resigned myself to going in to the office Monday and Tuesday when I’d been hoping to finish last Friday – and the kids full of coughs and splutters. I’ll be glad when I’m finally able to switch the laptop off and look forward properly. Have a great Christmas!
    Tim recently posted…My Sunday Photo: Let there be lightMy Profile

  2. It’s amazing just how many photo worthy sights we see when we’re unable to shoot them… but you’ve managed to capture a beautiful sky. You certainly sound like it’s been busy for you this week and I can understand you wanting the holiday to arrive. I think we’re all ready for a little relaxation. I hope you recover from your ills and can really enjoy the festivities. Have fun and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Neesie recently posted…My Sunday Photo… Morning GloryMy Profile

  3. Beautiful sunset! I seem to see so many of these when I’m driving, but I’m only driving to dance lessons and panto performances rather than covering half the country!
    I hope this week flies by for you and everyone is feeling healthier by the end of term and Christmas.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 18.12.16My Profile

  4. Winter bugs seem to be taking their toll on everyone don’t they – hope you’re all back on form for next week. I am so looking forward to this week being over, whilst I don’t like wishing time away I am in favour of finishing work and putting my out of office on for the last time this year #MySundayPhoto
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  5. Gorgeous capture. We too have spent what feels like months fighting illness and bugs and everyone is so tired and ready for a break. I can’t believe it’s Christmas next week, we are also waiting for another little arrival which also adds to the excitement and stress!! Have a lovely week! #mysundayphoto
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  6. Wow, you don’t see many skies like that round here. Hope you get over your bugs – N’s turned to tonsillitis so antibiotics worked well, my cold is still being fought off -the silly coughs just seem to be hanging on for ages.

    In contrast to Little Z, N was the child who nobody could hear (except the last 2 words (in his defence he said he couldn’t talk loudly because his throat still hurt).

    Have a great Christmas
    Emma T recently posted…My Sunday Photo – Nutcracker ShopMy Profile

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