Holidays, Winter Wonderland and hibernating

We’re still on our school and work holidays and I have to keep reminding myself we only have 3 days left. Argggh. It’s been a really lovely two weeks of hibernating, immense de-cluttering (how do we have so much crap just in one year??) and the odd trip out to eat, get some fresh air and to generally mingle with other humans. I’ve realised I don’t know how to just sit and chill out. I have to be doing something or need something to look forward to. I may have to relearn how to relax this year and unwind a bit. I think maybe running after two kids and a job can do that to you. Having said that, I can’t honestly remember properly much of what we’ve done over the last fortnight as we couldn’t even be bothered with the sales. I did a lot online for the boys and we were done.

What I do remember is that we went to the Manchester winter wonderland one day just after Christmas. It was SO nice and quiet as I think most people were still finishing off turkey leftovers or hitting the sales. I’m not sure there’s that much to do if you’re an adult, but its amazing for kids that love funfair rides (as well as big kids that love funfair rides). We managed to have a lot of fun and just ran about giving Little Z company on all of them as he didn’t want to sit alone. These are some of our photos from the evening. It’s been a long long time since I’ve sat on so many fun fair rides but it was mostly fun. Well, besides the one you sit on the choo choo train and your child dings the bell non stop for about 3 minutes.










The Ordinary Moments

33 thoughts on “Holidays, Winter Wonderland and hibernating”

  1. Beautiful photos – was probably the best time to go! Enjoy your last couple of days before normality resumes. Mine don’t go back to school until Tuesday so we still feel in holiday mode – but I’m terrible at just relaxing – always doing something – may just make myself sit and read for a couple of hours today – oh the bliss! #theordinarymoments
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  2. I know back to normal tomorrow, I am going to drop Joe off at School and go for a lovely long swim, then come home and work. Its been lovely chilling over the last 2 weeks although like you we are all so manic we dont really wind down too much just do different stuff, we have had loads of long walks, pub lunches, city breaks but for us that is chilling ha ha x
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  3. The time off was lovely wasn’t it, and it has been good to just take time out. We didn’t hit the sales either but of did spend time at home hibernating – sometimes it’s difficult to get mine moving out of the house!
    Looks like you went to WW at the right time and the photos on the rides are priceless!
    Great photos

  4. Looks like they all had a great time. I have never been a lover of funfair rides even as a child, they make me dizzy just watching other people.
    Quite right to make the most of the end of the holidays.

  5. That looks like such an awesome day out – and great to go after Christmas, it’s not the sort of thing I’d ever think of doing straight after Xmas – great timing!! x

  6. I didnt want the holidays to end either Tas as we had enjoyed a lovely break and had lots of family time together. I also had a few days spent decluttering and clearing up, and I still feel I have lots still to do, but it was a good start at least.
    Great photo of the funfair – your boys have got so big now! x

  7. We really enjoyed the manchester markets when we went earlier on in December. And I am the same as you, I really don’t know how to relax and unwind either. It is my mission for this year to be a little kinder to myself. x

  8. It sounds like you went at the best time! We were right back to normal on Tuesday after the bank holiday which felt far too early personally. We were so busy during the holidays we didn’t get much time to rest at all and we are already all looking forward to half term!

  9. Looks such a fun place to visit. I meant to take H in to see the Christmas market which was continuing after Christmas for the first time and forgot. I was hoping it would be less busy then. Glad to hear it wasn’t too busy in Winter Wonderland.
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