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Aren’t the blue skies just lovely? The fog has (literally) finally lifted and we now have sunny, albeit, freezing, weather. Everything has felt a bit long and slow with the dreary days and it feels nice to get some fresh air. And I’ve picked up the big camera for the first time in ages. I’m determined to actually learn to use it properly this year and as a work friend has decided to start a camera club it’s made me realise I don’t actually take good photos or know the technicalities behind it all so its given me a bit of a kick. The weather doesn’t help much right now but I can start practicing indoors on them at least. Luckily the boys are not bothered by dark days or the coldness and just get on with being their bouncy selves . They are getting louder and louder in each other’s company and it dawned on me about a week ago that they are only just going to get louder. I’ve sometimes wondered about how the big age gap they have impact their bond and relationship but at the moment it seems like they are content with being as rough and tumble as they can and simply squeal at high volumes. Uh oh.

Baby E is now 16 months old and a proper little toddler. It’s so cute watching him toddle about and trying to climb everything. The fear hasn’t yet kicked in so he is scaling anything in sight. Coffee tables, chairs, any kind of step that’s too high and everything he shouldn’t. He’s learned how to now climb and stand on things to reach an even greater height. I am forever shouting “Noooo!” and he will look back, shake his head as if he is complying, and then just carry on with whatever naughty thing he shouldn’t be doing. Thankfully, he’s not learnt the art of leaping off things just yet, but I vaguely remember that is the next stage so I’m not really looking forward to that too much as he is much bolder than his older brother was at that age. His most favourite thing is to wrestle his brother to the ground and then roll about with him. Z will kindly roll about for him and has a lot of patience for a little 6 year old. Much more than I think I ever had at that age.

Little Zs most favourite thing on earth right now are jokes. We search high and low for new ones that are suitable for him and he doesn’t understand them sometimes but anything to do with any kind of flatulence is SO hilarious. We have found ourselves googling them for him and then questioning what kind of parents we are. He is at the very emotional stage of “Its not fair”. A lot of things are not fair right now. Having to do his spellings, limited time on the iPad and very much so when his baby brother snatches it from his hands, repeatedly. Surprisingly, he’s quite patient with his baby brother (for now) and the 7th snatch is about his limit for exploding. He is loving reading and looks like he takes after his Mummy when it comes to liking books more than maths. He definitely doesn’t like writing though and its really “not fair” how the sentences are “sooo long in class”. I am hoping that the link between reading and writing clicks in his head eventually and its soon no longer torturous for him.

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  1. We missed all the fog and had lovely clear skies instead, I think it is all coming to an end though. Lovely photos of your boys, they always look such good friends and you capture such a natural boyish expressions on them both.

  2. What gorgeous pictures of the boys! They both look and sound like great fun.
    My 13yo still sulks about having to do homework, despite being highly intelligent and academic. Sunday is always a particularly bad day for sulking as they have to catch up on all the homework they’ve been putting off all week!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 29.1.17My Profile

  3. Hi Tas, I’ve started using my big girl’s camera in semi-automatic mode to help me get the hang of what each setting does. The only problem is I end up taking loads more photos to see which setting works best. It is fun though… My 2nd born was also less fearful than my 1st, I remember being at a birthday party at play centre with her, and losing sight of her, only to see her launch herself down the bouncy slide without a second thought… She was two! My heart palpitates at the memory. I hope your little one isn’t too frog-like!

    Oh dear, to learn that life just isn’t fair at such a young age, at least you win Little Z round with a joke or two!

    Debbie recently posted…Monday Morning Blog Club 30/01/17My Profile

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