Things I’d love to do in 2017

I’m terrible with New Years resolutions and gave up having them many moons ago. I am brilliant with new year wish lists though. Some of them I know I’ll achieve and some really are just wishes, for now anyway. But what’s a year without some wishing. So here’s everything I’d love to do this year…

1. Go to New York. I’ve wanted to go for so long and eater might be the perfect time. Trump presidency will still be in its infancy so it might not actually be that terrifying a place yet. I’m not sure we’ll make it with two very young ones, especially now the toddler just runs for his life any time we put him down but let’s see!
2. Discover the cure for cancer. This is something that’s more a HUGE wish and I’m unlikely to the find the actual cure myself. Could someone find one soon though? Each year more and more loved ones are affected and I’m forever catching up with the latest stage that friends affected by cancer are at and hoping their next painful chemo round will make it all better. I hate that they’re ill and wish we could get rid of it once and for all.  A cure in 2017 would be amazing!
3. Go back to Scotland. I’m not that fussy about which area, everywhere looks pretty beautiful. From scrutinising Google maps and Pinterest, I think I might like to do Glencoe and Isle of Skye region and maybe go on the Jacobite express. I have visions of chasing the toddler down the carriage repeatedly though. Shame you can’t strap them in on trains!  
4. Put the laundry away as soon as it’s dry. Why is this the hardest thing in the world to do? I am getting better but I’m still pretty rubbish at it if I’m very honest about it. 
5. Sort out Brexit. Is anyone even doing anything about it besides say things like “holding cards close to our chest?”. We have no plan, no aim or real targets and everything just looks a bit bad and clueless. Ideally, I’d just like to go to the EU and say we made a mistake. Oh how they will laugh. Failing that, maybe we really should try to recruit some actual experts into the team instead of some half hearted ministers that look like they really can’t be bothered with it all.  
6. Go see Conwy castle in Wales. My friend has told me a few times to go see it as I love a good wander about castles and all things history. I only recently clicked how close it is. One must go and check it out this year!
7. Write whatever the heck I want. I do sometimes stop myself from writing that potentially eyebrow raising post. I’d love to throw caution to the wind a bit more and write whatever the heck i want.
8. Visit a crisp factory.  Mr Not my year off took me to Cadburys chocolate factory this year and I don’t even like chocolate. I do love seeing how food is made though and it’s a brilliant place to visit. I think I can go through life now and maybe not visit a crisp factory (I do love crisps!) but if I find one then it would be rude not to go.  
9. Go see a bit more of Europe. We’re forever looking at far flung places and ignoring lovely Europe because it’s right on our door step. It’s looking so much more appealing now that the baby is able to toddle about non stop. Maybe Florence, and Venice, and Naples, and Pisa …and just Italy really.
10. Say what i think. I’ve gotten a million times better at airing my grievances. I will never be that mic drop girl as I always think of the right thing to say about 3 hours after the event but I’m getting there. Remember when Rachel from Friends confronted her boss Joanne whilst blubbing? That’s the stage I’m at.
11. Discover new places to eat. I think if there was a Good foods similar to Good reads, I’d completely smash my target, ring the bell right at the top and abseil down like a pro.  
12. Get better at indoor wall climbing. I can do all the kiddie walls really really well as we do them so much with Z. Maybe it’s time to buy some proper climbing shoes and move onto more adult walls. 
13. Learn to swim better. This is my hardest goal. I *think* I can do 25 metres but very badly. I haven’t swam in over 20 years. I just go for a dip when the boys go. I really need to change that!
Do you have a wish list this year? 

8 thoughts on “Things I’d love to do in 2017”

  1. Ooh such a good list. I love New York and used to go every year with my friends – before I had kids obviously!! I would love to go back with my husband who has never been!!

    I’m the same with laundry – I go to the bother of washing, drying and ironing and then fall at the last hurdle of putting it away! I’m glad I’m not alone xx
    Natalie recently posted…2016 – How was it for you?My Profile

  2. I’m with you, wish lists rather than resolutions are more fun. I adore Venice and Florence – go there! And New York, it really does never sleep, so much to see and do. I quite fancy Scotland this year, too, as we’ve never visited. I am one of those weird people who puts washing away straightaway and doesn’t let ironing add up, makes things so much easier, I’d recommend it! x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…5 Papery Hobbies to EnjoyMy Profile

  3. I might steal your list, all good points…you should totally start a Good Foods, that would be amazing! I would love to see New York but I feel like I’d kind of like to do it without kids first so I could just wander round, I’m not sure how Lucas would fair there – he covers his ears when it gets too noisy on our walk to school!! As I write this there is a mountain of dried clothes to put away on my bed, each night I chuck them back in the washing basket rather than actually putting it away…maybe I should go and do that now…
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…2017 – Come What MayMy Profile

  4. Love reading this Tas and if you ever go to a crisp factory please take me. I think I could actually live on crisps for ever. And yes to exploring more of Scotland. On my ‘list’ I want to visit Edinburgh as your visit looked incredible. We have only ever visited Dumfries and Galloway, and would love to do a road trip around Scotland (preferably without the kids so may have to wait a few more years) x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Little Loves – Mexican Hats, Meal Planning and a Trip to Chester ZooMy Profile

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