And then there was sunshine

At last! I was so pleased to finally see the sunshine today. I’m not quite sure why, but we’ve had a thick cloud of fog for about two weeks and its been a bit dreary to say the least. January is a bit gloomy anyway but when you throw in dark, dark weather and the fast paced crazy events going on in the world right now, it just feels all a bit depressing and tiring doesn’t it? The comfort eating has been really lovely, I won’t complain about that, but I really do need to snap out of that ever so slightly now. It’s as if its taken me all of January to just wake up properly and I think I’m glad to see February has now arrived. The days are getting longer and there are daffodils and hot cross buns in the shops. It means spring is on its way, hurrah!

The Other Half has to work this entire weekend, so Little Z and I had planned to go and watch Trolls at the cinema, thinking it was just going to be another drizzly day. We swapped our plans for the park when we saw the sunshine had made an appearance and went for a bit of a walk instead. It’s still chilly but the blue skies and sunshine more than make up for it.

I love watching these two little monkeys together. When they’re not snatching things off each other, they’re quite protective of one another and get drawn together like little magnets. They can drive each other a bit mental at times (and me in the process) but when both are in a good mood they’ll potter about happily together. Little Z is like a little over protective mum always trying to stop his brother from tumbling, or pointing out he’s too little to do whatever it is Baby E is trying to leap into. And Baby E finds everything wonderful and amazing and thinks he can do everything all by himself right now.

It just needs to warm a bit now but I’m more than happy with some good daylight and some nice park trips for now.







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  1. we had some sunshine this morning, once the early misty fog lifted, and it was glorious and I went and took the dog out. Pleased I made the most of it as the rain returned this afternoon – booo!
    I love Baby E’s cosy all in one suit – wish I had one for colder days! both boys look like they get on so well – it is lovely x
    jenny paulin recently posted…Project 365, 2017. Week 5My Profile

  2. Your photos seem to suggest that Spring is on its way…and about time too, I’d say! January seems to have gone on for far too long!
    Yes I know what you mean about the comfort eating, January is the month when I always eat too much – no ‘new year diets’ this month!
    Your eldest boy looks so in love with his younger brother. Super cute photos
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Project #365 | Week 4 & Week 5My Profile

  3. Gorgeous photos of the boys! The lighter mornings and evenings are definitely very welcome.
    They remind me of my boys, who argue a lot these days, but when we’re out, the two of them will always walk on ahead together, chatting away. If I could just keep them out of the house at all times, I think they’d get on very well together!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 5.2.15My Profile

  4. Have to say Bob drives me nuts ( he is nearly 11) and treats the wee ones like he is a parent, dont do this you cant do that, find it really difficult not to say something, he never gives them peace. But in other ways he is realy good playing with them and reading to them etc.
    The days are getting longer, but it is nice to get out to the poark even in the cold.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…High street shopping – has the time come to say goodbye?My Profile

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