Baby E at 18 months old

We are very much treating Baby E as the stereotypical second child in our house. With Z, we knew sometimes to the day how old he was, what milestones he should be achieving, which ones he’d met and we tried to follow all the baby books when it came to routine. We’ve been a lot more “relaxed” with routine when its come to our second born. And by “relaxed” I think I could say that sometimes routine just flies straight out of the window. It’s meant that he’s a lot more adventurous and, with a 6 year old as a mentor, he is hitting some milestones a lot quicker than his elder brother. I had to count how old he was on my fingers today to know he’s almost a year and half. Eek!! And with that came a bit of panic about whether or not he’s hitting his milestones, if he is “where he should be” and then telling myself not to read all the various baby update emails that baby companies send out.  

He’s taking his time with his words and I can’t actually remember what Z was like at this age but I think I remember he took his time too, so I’m not panicking too much just yet at his collection of approximately 10 words. I think we will bombard him with many more flash cards over the next month or so.  He has no problem in communicating or understanding what we tell him so it’s been lovely to have one more little person that can shut the door.  Bit mean, but it works a treat on these very cold days.

Physically he is a little hurricane when he wants to be.  He can climb and throw himself off things fearlessly.  Our reflexes are sharpening up quick smart when it comes to catching him but that just spurs him even more as he laughs his head off that we caught him in time.  The other day we had left the gates open first thing in the morning and left him snoozing on our bed whilst Z got ready for school.  About 15 minutes later he toddled into the living room, somehow managing to come down the entire flight of stairs by himself.  Those gates will now never be forgotten about.  

One of his favourite things to do was to eat but the course of constant teething is putting him off most things.  Hopefully he’ll get his appetite back soon and stops making a beeline for our crisps and biscuits.  

This photo sums him up right now, with his thick hair and with a “what shall i do next” kind of look on his face.


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  1. How can he be 18 months old? He is absolutely gorgeous:) I sometimes think it is 2 when language explodes so I wouldn’t worry. He looks as bright as a button and, if he’s anything like George, I imagine the fact he is so adventurous takes all of his effort xx

  2. Oh my God, he’s 18 months already?!? We had the same dynamic with our boys. Isaac was the cautious responsible one, while Toby was the nutter. I’m sure this was a product of us being more relaxed second time around, plus having an older sibling to emulate. It makes for an interesting contrast between siblings, doesn’t it?
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  3. Good grief, 18 months old. Time flies hey? The second child can hit those milestones much quicker. Interestingly, our ledest was quick to talk and do non physical things while our youngest was the reverse. He’s looking very grown up in that picture.
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  4. Hi Tas, my daughter was ‘victim’ to second baby syndrome, which has ended up with very few photographs of her compared to her brother. Not that I took many of him either. I am glad my two were young before the internet became a thing, I would not have been able to cope. As it was my son was so far behind my daughter overtook him as around the age of one.

    I would like to add that we were also ‘victims’ of second baby syndrome. Our daughter was forward, quick and determined from a very young age, something I am glad she has never lost.

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  5. Oh gosh Tas he looks so grown up I can’t believe it. Where does the time go – please slow down. I feel like I have really watched E grow and flourish since he was a baby and it has been lovely. He is gorgeous.

    My eldest Meme is the sensible one whilst Harri is a little bit of a whirlwind – this seems to be a pattern with the second born child!

  6. He’s adorable Tas, those 18 months have just flown by! He is already starting to look very grown up, I think my twins seemed to come on quicker as they were chasing big brother around and I definitely took the milestones things much more in my stride. I have a friend now who has a five month old and she keeps asking me, shouldn’t he by doing this now? I haven’t the heart to tell her it really doesn’t matter too much, I’ll wait till she has another πŸ™‚
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  7. Oh I just love his gorgeous face! I was definitely like this with my second, and now Eric is here I’m barely aware of what he ‘should’ be doing and just enjoying the here and now. Also, I’m shocked it’s been six months since we saw you – looking forward to Monday! #ShareFriday (yeah – the Sahre Friday from the Friday before last haha)

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