Berghaus coats for children from Blacks online – A review and making discoveries

Berghaus coats for children

My husband is a big Berghaus fan (and absolutely crazy about football) so has their fleece jackets for cold days on the pitch so when Blacks online asked if we’d like to review a coat from their children’s range for Little Z, we nodded a lot.  We live in a cold part of Lancashire, up in the pretty hills, and we seem to get more snow than anyone else.  That’s what it feels like at least. I was convinced last year that we may have been living in a snow globe as I’m sure it snowed on and off right up and until April. Little Z loves it as he gets to make a snowman every single year and I love it when its not the school run or a work day. So you tend to find me grumbling about it most years as it doesn’t snow according to my schedule.  Boo. 

It means, as Z grows, we are constantly looking for very warm coats to get him through the winter months.  Anything padded or thickly lined is a must, as well as anything waterproof.  His school is at the very top of the hill and has a stunning view of the countryside, but is open to the all the elements. So with the cold snap we’re having, discovering Berghaus for kids over the last week has been perfect timing.

Berghaus Parka coats and features

Blacks online have quite a large range of children’s clothing and their Berghaus collection is one of their really good ranges which varies from fleece jackets to waterproof jackets to parkas and beyond.   We opted to review a navy coloured parka coat and chose it as it would be ideal for both school and when we go out.  I also have a bit of a love of parkas as they remind me a bit of my childhood.  Not that I ever owned a park but I’m sure they were huge in the 80s and early 90s.  Z loves to keep his hood on quite a lot so I love the fur trim hood being shown off whilst he’s happy to do it.  

The coat is waterproof with multiple easy to access pockets both on the sides and on the chest area.  The colour is a brilliant shade hiding all manners of little marks and stains (which is much needed with little ones!) and it’s perfect for young children who need easy access and don’t really like fussy fastenings as there’s only one big zip down the middle and velcro for the pockets.  The coat uses something called AQ2 technology to keep rain off and comes with an insulated polyester wadding to provide a warm lining.   It’s definitely a nicely designed coat and a nice cross between stylishly put together and practical for the cold weather.  

Breaking it in and what we thought

We were initially going to take Z to Conwy to see castles and swords and dragons (the last false claim was to persuade him to come) but he decided to ditch us for his cousins despite even promising bottomless ice cream, so we ended up doing what he loves doing best a few days later; discovering a new place to play and climb.  So we thought we’d let Z test it out in his newly found play area.

He liked it as soon as he set eyes on it and it’s a coat that keeps him nice and warm but isn’t SO thick that it restricts play.  He has another winter coat which does keep him all snug but makes him look a bit like a padded out Michelin man and he’s always complaining about it.  Whilst my 6 year old would never say he was in love with a piece of clothing, a lack of complaints here have been taken to mean he is fine with it and he can get on with running about full speed which is a win for us parents.   

The inside lining has been quilted with polyster wadding and is also a navy colour to compliment the rest of the coat.  Again, it’s designed to be warm but breathable so adds to comfort when on the move.  

I was really impressed at how wipeable it is. With all the ziplining and tumbling about Little Z was doing, he’d got the coat a bit muddy and I was pleased the mud came off almost straight away. It’s great for someone like him who will more often than not tumble very randomly. Does every 6 year old do this? We swing between calling him Mr Tumble and Mr Bump a lot. The faux trim on the hood is removable. I quite like the trim so its going to stay on but the option to detach makes it easier to wash the coat when the time comes.

Price wise, its at the slightly higher end compared to some popular department stores, but it’s easy to see (and feel) that the standard of Berghaus coats are of a high quality and, if you live where we do, it’s a really good investment.  I’ve been really impressed with the coat we have and it’s fast become his main one for all outdoor activities at the moment.   You can see below some of the photos we took of Z in his new coat exploring and playing this half term.   

It’s a brand I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a warm jacket or coat this winter.  
Berghaus coats for children

Berghaus coats for children

Berghaus coats for children

Berghaus coats children

Berghaus coats for kids

Berghaus coats children

Berghaus coats children

Berghaus coats for children

Berghaus coats children

We're going on an adventure
This is a collaboration with Blacks online for their Berghaus for children range.  All words and opinions are own own. 

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  1. It looks like a fab coat – we don’t often get snow in our bit of Lancashire but it always seems to be cold and wet so I know how important a good coat is. Z definitely looks like he put his new coat to the test anyway! #TriedTested

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