The little camera lover

I love snapping away and taking photos of everything. I don’t think I’d ever class myself as a photographer as I think you need to appreciate a lot of technicalities of photography to call yourself that and I have to admit, to this day, I don’t really know an extensive amount about the intricacies of taking a good photo. I’m a snapper but I love it.  

I’m very lucky in that the other half loves it just as much as I do. It means he’s very understanding of when it takes me a good five minutes to pass a flower because I’m taking 12 pictures of it. I’m guessing if you don’t have that equally in a relationship then I can imagine it’s probably really frustrating and boring for your other half. So we ooh and ahh over a good photo or a new and photo together.   

What we didn’t notice till about last year is that Little Z has picked it all up from us both and he loves having a go on the “big camera”. We now trust him not to drop the entire thing but make sure he’s wearing the strap around his neck at all times. He’s a snapper too. And takes very good photos. He can be a bit bossy too and will give us constant direction on how we should be standing or posing. We’ve had to confiscate it on ocassion as he can be a like a paparazzo snapping us when we least expect it but we do secretly like the fact that we can impart a bit of snappy wisdom to him.  

His little brother is wanting a go too these days.    

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28 thoughts on “The little camera lover”

  1. Such a cute photo. I think it is lovely when your kids enjoy photography and mine haven’t ever really shown more than a passing interest which is a shame. The boys are now at the ‘selfie’ stage and often take photos of themselves but not anything else. Personally, I would rather take photos of anything rather than take selfies.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…A holiday of doing not muchMy Profile

  2. Love this!
    Our LO will pick up the “big camera” at any given chance, she also seems to like the film slr as well, she doesn’t seem to get that it actually costs money to take photos on that one!

  3. Hi Tas, there is not one other person in my family that has shown any interest in being a snapper, and I would so love it if one of them did. They rarely complain when I trail so far behind when walking, though, so I must give them a little credit. I hope your son’s interest in taking photos grows and that one day he’ll be able to teach you a few things too.

    Debbie recently posted…The Cliffs At AgalasMy Profile

  4. That’s such a lovely picture! It’s lovely to read that Z has got the photography bug too – and great to hear that you and your husband are on the same page with photography. My husband is very happy to take photos and have photos taken on holiday, but won’t tolerate me photographing random stuff while we’re out!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 26.2.17My Profile

  5. Oh that is such a sweet photo! I love watching my kids pick up a photography habit from me – my Kitty is old enough to be trusted not to drop mine and she takes some great pictures of me when I don’t realise it – usually making guppy face expressions but I’m glad to have a bit of evidence of my existence in all the pictures of the rest of them!
    Carie recently posted…Halfterm in the rain at ChatsworthMy Profile

  6. Love it. N is just the same. He only seems to use his own compact camera round the house. He’s not got used to taking it out with us. But he loves using my camera. I found a whole load of images he took of me when we were at Mottisfont, and there were actually a couple of really nice ones. It’s great your husband also like photographs. Mine hates them, and hates me taking photos so Christmas and birthdays we have virtually no photos.
    Emma T recently posted…School Days – fair awards and star of the weekMy Profile

  7. They are bloggers in the making – love your photo and it’s so nice when hobbies can be passed down the generations. My husband has learnt to live with the constant photos! x

  8. How lovely that he’s taking an interest and is putting himself behind the camera. At least you know that you’ll probably be in at least one of the photos taken. In our house I’m always the one with the photo so I’m rarely snapped in family shots!
    He’s a real blogger’s boy!
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Project 365 | Week 8My Profile

  9. Aww that is so cute. My boys are the same. All three in fact ask Santa for cameras for their christmas. Proper ones, not the vtec one. They are bloggers in the making. What a lovely photo, it is really lovely. xx

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