When he actually turned 18 months

So a couple of months ago I wrote a big post about Baby E turning 18 months and wow, hadn’t time flown etc. etc. The other day I realised something. That somehow, I didn’t know how to count and that, actually, he only turns 18 months this week. Oops. I think this may be partly due to him being the second child and partly the fact that I obviously lost the ability to count to 18. I have since counted on my fingers a few times and am about 90% certain that I now have this right.

In those last couple of months he’s learnt to express himself a lot better and, although still not saying many clear words, he gets his point across. His new favourite word is “Die”, which I *think* means “I want this”. Its really funny when he does say it but can be slightly unnerving to a stranger if he’s shouting it repeatedly outside from becoming impatient.  He also loves shouting “hat”, “Bye bye” and “Hi!”. He has the funniest toddler wave where he sticks his elbow in the air to do it and I accidentally did the same wave to a colleague at work this week.  They didn’t say anything but they did throw a weird glance my way as they walked out. I must remember not to do things like that in public.

He needs another haircut already having been blessed with his Daddy’s thick mop hair. There is so much of it, he always looks like a little lion in the mornings. Its the complete opposite of Zs lanky floppy hair, who has taken after me. Its always fascinating watching the poles apart brothers together. Where Z wakes up like a happy jack in the box and yaps till his head hit the pillow at night, Baby E is a like a bear with a sore head in the mornings and will eventually mellow and join the world when it suits him. When he’s had enough he will hunt down his car seat and get into it for some “me time”. I’m not quite sure what we’ll do when he grows out of it and its going to be quite soon judging by his recent growth spurt. I have seriously contemplated carrying it about in my boot when the time comes just so that he can retreat to his old mans arm chair when he needs to. Obviously its a crazy idea. But such is the madness of parenting sometimes, right?

I’m not quite sure who took this photo but I think it was Little Z from the angle and height of it. E was trying to grab a helium balloon at my nieces first birthday party and couldn’t understand why it kept flying back up again!

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  1. 18 months already! That head of hair is quite something – our boys have both developed thick mops too but it took a good 3 years in both their cases for their hair to really thicken out.

  2. Gorgeous photo of you and Baby E. So easy to get mixed up with time – I’ve done the same! Love that Baby E has a few words now although I can imagine him shouting “Die!” over and over can be unnerving! So interesting to read how he and Little Z are different – my two are much the same in the mornings – the eldest is bright and breezy and my youngest is like a grumpy teenager! 🙂
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…My Sunday Photo 12/03/17My Profile

  3. Well done Z such a lovely photo, our two are not moving people at all, mornings in our house are very quiet we all get on with jobs and leave each other alone ha ha, apart from Chris who is so annoyingly chirpy so when he is about we all avoid him until we are fully awake and can cope with his high spirits x
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  4. Time goes so fast. I was always counting back working out how old N was. I’m big on rounding up!

    Love the photo. He’s lucky getting thick hair. N’s the same as Z. Like my fine flat hair, while the OH’s is thicker but with and bouncy. I’m hoping N takes after the hair genetics of my family because the men in the OH’s side have receding bits while my family have tended to keep all of theirs. With fine hair he’d struggle otherwise

  5. Oh yeah I am the same with subsequent children. I am just glad I have my blog to look back on, really wish I’d started it sooner with oldest. What a beauitful photo. Such a cute thing to copy his wave. Hugs xx

  6. such a beautiful photo, love love you have for him shines out.
    laughed at the bit about him being a second child, I could tell you what was No 1 on the day my eldest was born but not the others, kept the school cardigan eldest started school in but not the others etc etc, the milestones just seem more important, or is it just you are so busy doing other things to have time to take note?
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