Birthdays, Illnesses and Weirdness

We’ve had a really full on week with 3 family birthdays in a row, lots of long work days and kiddie illness that’s lasted most of the week. Z has had some viral thing that’s lasted on and off for days and days and its been exhausting for the poor boy. He’s asked to go to school but was told to stay off for some good rest so the usual juggling turned into a bit of a crazy week. Thankfully he’s now mostly ok and will be back to school on Monday but we are having the slowest weekend ever and the rubbish weather is making sure that we take it easy. Viruses in kids can be so frustrating. There’s not anything you can do for them except let them take their course but it means missing school if they’re too poorly and then feeling guilty because you can’t make them better faster and they are building up days off. I stupidly even sent him in one day with some calpol and I’m pretty sure I made him worse by trying to be “good”. So of course I just felt very guilty that evening when he was knocked out on the sofa from being so ill and tired. Its a massive relief he’s almost back to normal though and I’m hoping the better weather means better health all round from now on.

The birthdays at the start of the week were good though, as its meant a fair bit of cake for us all. I forget each year that we have so many in a row and we always look surprised that they’re all in one week. Z took this at one of the birthdays this week and there is a more serious and composed version of this photo that I was going to use but it just wouldn’t upload for some reason so then I went for this. His expression when taking it was funnier than my face is here. He has taken to rolling his eyes at his mum and dad when needed and will look all serious and condescending, like he’s hit the teen years already, which makes us both pull faces (or shout “bum!” at him even more). I think he secretly fears we might do this in public to him but he does sometimes forget to be cool and will giggle at us. I believe we are turning into *those* parents.

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  1. Hi Tas, netter weather can’t be too far off for you and with that hopefully less illness. The worst part of winter must be the bugs that go round… Three birthdays in one week, I bet you are exhausted! I have three in six weeks and my head spins!

    I bet Z would secretly much rather have ‘those’ parents than boring ones and his photography is coming along nicely.

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