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We’ve somehow managed to wrangle some couple time twice in a month.  We tend to forget that we should go out, just the two of us, for long periods of time and when we do think of going out together it’s been a good six months since our last outing.  

We escaped to Wales for the day not long ago and then last night we grabbed the chance to go and see Logan at the cinema.  We ran as fast as we could to catch the earliest showing and then thoroughly enjoyed the very last helping of Wolverines story.   It’s really worth a watch and the husband is now a bit paranoid about whether he enjoyed it so much because we got some free time together, or whether the movie really is awesome.  At the moment we are going with the latter but the euphoria may die down over the next few days and we may realise it was because we got some couple time twice in one month.  

We really do enjoy the rare child free times although we then somehow spot a tiny toddler or a 6 year old on our outing and find them super cute or utterly hilarious.  Then we miss the kids.  It’s a weird kind of cycle and I think we’re just not used to spending regular time together any more or eating dinner without having to cajole two little ones to finish theirs first.    We’ll probably forget now for a good few months to but two outings in one month feels quite indulgent at the moment. 

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  1. Well, er, I’ve just spent a child free few days in Australia but it didn’t count as Mrs Adams was back in the UK! Amyway, we really have got to work on going out more as a couple. Something we’ve been talking about for ages! Hope you enjoyed your meal and I’ll keep the film in mind. #MySundayPhoto
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  2. Hi Tas, childfree time together twice in one month? You lucky, lucky lady! I bet a Tellytubbies movie would have seemed brilliant without children in tow…. However, I am rather partial to a superhero movie myself and look forward to watching Logan with my son.

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  3. That food looks delicious! Going out without the kids twice in a month is pretty amazing.
    Strangely we seem to go out less as a couple now our kids are older. I can’t leave the three of them at home without a babysitter and my mum never seems to offer these days 🙁 We’re not big on Valentine’s Day, but it was always a day when my mum would offer to babysit, so of course we would go out. She didn’t offer this year! Our next opportunity to go out will probably be my husband’s birthday in June.
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  4. I’ve already booked my brother on babysitting duty, 2 weeks in advance so we can go and see Logan, I can’t wait. So glad you had a great night, it’s such a treat to get couples time you have to grab it whenever it comes along! We usually always go to the cinema when we do though then spend two hours not talking to each other 😉

  5. That food looks lovely, I’m not sure I’d be able to manage to eat that burger though. Couple time is important and I’m glad you’ve had the chance to do it this month. My partner is also my carer so I think that sometimes we spend too much time together, but it’s really nice when we get the chance to go out and about together, or even have lunch somewhere. #MySundayPhoto
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  6. Wow that food looks amazing!! Going out as a couple is something we never do. Well, having said that we did go out for a meal a few months ago and that was the first time in years I think. It is weird without the kids but it is something we should make time to do, just to reconnect and relax but it is just so hard to find the time to do it. Maybe a regular date night is in order?
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  7. Oh couple time is so important – me and my hubbie had a little date night on Sat and it was much needed. We are definitely going to try and make it a monthly thing. Your food pics are making me really hungry!
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  8. Child free time is important but it’s so easy to put on the back burner! We’re like you, we seem to do it in streaks so twice in a month and then not for ages. No idea why!

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