Llandudno and The Great Orme

A few weeks ago the Other Half and I found ourselves having a bit of an impromptu couple trips out to Conwy in Wales to see the castle and the smallest house in Great Britain. We spent a few rainy hours wandering around the very pretty town and the beautiful harbour and we found ourselves with enough time to pop over to Llandudno, which is only another 20 minutes away. It would have been a shame not to go so, even though it was dark and rainy, we decided to take a drive around it all.

The beach was pretty much deserted due to how blustery and cold it was but it was really nice and peaceful to just have a long walk watching the para-surfers on the choppy waters. You can see how strong the winds were from the sail and it must be a brilliant time for surfers to come out and take advantage of the weather. It felt a bit stalkerish but I watched them for a while doing their tricks and navigating the waters. Its not something I really fancy doing myself but I could happily watch for ages. As its off season, a lot of the attractions were closed, including the tram that takes you up the Great Orme. The Great Orme is a basically a massive (Big. Huge!) hill and ramblers and tourists can go to the very top and admire the views. On a clear day they say you can see as far as the Lake district and even Blackpool. The husband noticed some ramblers half way up the hill and you can the idea ping in his head about walking up it. If it was cold down here, it was going to be really really cold up there. He then noticed a couple of cars driving up it and it looked like the general public could take a drive up it.

We decided to chance it and see how far we got. We could always turn back round if we hit a dead end. We were a bit surprised to the roads that wind to the top aren’t just tiny little tracks, they are actual very steep streets, lined with houses and communities. The further up you got the more 4 x 4s you saw, which makes sense and we even passed a little church and graveyard at the very top. The views are beautiful on the way up but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like heights. It’s not a sheer drop by any means but you definitely know you’re definitely not at sea level anymore. It’s funny how and where people settle but the houses are really pretty and all designed differently to stand along different parts of it.

There isn’t much to do at the top except admire the stunning views. Even on a very cloudy and foggy day you can see out from the Great Orme for miles. We had no idea if the land in the distance was the Lake district or not but it was all nonetheless very scenic. As the wind was so strong, we had to run up parts of the hill just to get any kind of traction and we couldn’t stand for long before losing the feeling in our faces and hands. I remembered Karl Pilkington at that point saying how the Great wall of China was an alright wall, but not really a great wall. The Great Orme is a pretty fantastic Orme and its “great” for what is essentially a big hill. You can see how steep it is when you’re driving back down again and see all the windy roads you’re about to take. The views on the other side of the Orme as just as impressive and its something you should definitely do on a good clear day. By now I think we were drunk on our freedom and contemplated running away to Caernarfon to see the castle there. Eventually we realised we should head back to our children and probably come another day.

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  1. I know someone who lives on the Orme and she absolutely loves it up there – it’s a bit spooky at night though but she sees so much lovely wildlife. She’s always posting pictures of donkeys (the ones from the beach retire up there in the winter) and goats. I still won’t drive up it, haha, I hate it! It’s nice in the summer to go up to the top but you must have been so cold!
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