E at 19 months

E turned 19 months old last week and I always tend to forget to do his updates. It definitely shows how relaxed we are with our second born but, every so often, it does make me feel a bit guilty about how he’s not got a monthly update written about him in great detail.

E has started saying more words and his absolute favourite ones are “No” and “Oh nooo!”. It’s so funny to watch when he’s together with the niece that’s 3 days older than him. One of her most used phrases is also “Oh nooo!”. Who knew toddlers could be so dramatic.

He loves to just potter about and empty every single cupboard and will spend ages banging kitchen pots or happily trying to empty his cups. He will still throw himself down in a swoony tantrum and then get back up again within seconds and carry on as if nothing happened and he really really loves babies, or anything his age and below. He’ll go and offer kisses repeatedly without being asked, whilst we sit there and ask “can I have one now please!” (The answer is usually a vigorous shake of the head).

His favourite person is his big brother and he’ll give him a big hug if they’ve been apart all day because of school or work. His biggest rival is also his big brother, especially when it comes to trying to get his hands on toys or iPads or, well, anything Z touches really. Lucky for him (and me) his big brother is usually very patient and will share nicely. The neighbours do hear their fighty squeals from time to time though. I know I have two very different boys on my hands but luckily they seem to mostly like each other at the moment and I hope it continues.

He still loves climbing everything and loves nothing more than to scale something he shouldn’t. He loves to be free and exploring like any toddler so he didn’t really cherish being pushed about in a stroller non stop on holiday. He did enjoy some good naps in the car though whilst we drove to different places. He will still climb into his favourite seat when he’s had enough, like a little old man, and sit there for some quiet time out. Z always preferred our laps so I always find it amusing to watch this toddler who wants “me time”. Eventually he’ll come along and climb into his preferred lap and then put your arms around him if you don’t do it instantly. That bit is lovely!

He’s fast turning into a real live boy and I’ve learnt that time flies even faster the second time round. Maybe that’s why I don’t keep a track of every month anymore…ok I know it’s mostly second child syndrome but it’s nice to just not worry about the pesky milestones. According to the “baby” emails, he may be able to tell me that he’s done a wee. Hahaha. No way am I even trying potty training right now.

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  1. Hi Tas, they do grow up fast and they are especially cute at that age when they are happy. My second born does complain that we have hardly any photos of her when she was young compared to her brother. I just tell her it was favouritism and that she didn’t photograph well!… She finds therapy is helping a lot.

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  2. Little E is such a typical second child, only my first ever had a baby book, a video of his first year and all those other first’s recorded, the others it somehow just happened without me noticing. Safe every moment you can as it is so easy to forget when you look back. Sounds like he is doing so well and just the best news to hear his best friend is his big brother. I hope that never changes.
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  3. Wow I canโ€™t believe heโ€™s 19 months old already. Time just flies by. He’s a happy wee cutie. Itโ€™s lovely that he has such a lovely, strong relationship with his brother. Both of my boys are the same xx

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