Holidays and brotherly love

It’s been a really good first week of holidays. I’m still at work as normal so we’ve had to cram in fun at the weekends and evenings and all manner of routine has currently been suspended. It’s been so good to have sunshine and we’ve had so many lovely blue skies. We decided to take a random walk along Blackpool promenade last weekend as it was so pleasant and we thought popping in for some fish and chips and candy floss would be a nice idea. The weather turned out to be lovely. It was still breezy but so sunny and that makes such a big difference, especially in the holidays.  
These 3 photos have made me laugh for most of the week. They’re not technically brilliant in any way but it sums the two boys up quite well.  E is rather grumpy when he first wakes from a nap and he’d just been rudely awoken from one when we decided he should eat something. So he sat in the restaurant high chair not wanting anywhere near him. Little Z, on the other hand, is like a chatty jack in the box most of the time and loves a cuddle and smile.  He’s fairly placid until his buttons are well and truly pressed.  E just wants space until he’s ready to join in with the world and, as a result of their very different personality, we often get moments like this in our house. They get on and they don’t get on. They love each other but can be chalk and cheese polar opposites. And it can be tiring to manage them but hilarious too. I am fully expecting more moments like this when we drive up to Scotland this week. I cannot wait.  

We’re going to aim to drive around Glencoe and Fort William and Oban and we’re popping into Edinburgh too because it’s my favourite place up there so can’t not! I’m hoping we can do a boat tour around the inner Hebrides but not too sure yet as I have visions of the toddler trying to leap straight into the sea. I know that is probably not going to happen but I can’t help but have visions of it at the moment. So we shall play that bit by ear. But if I just don’t think about that it then I cannot wait! 


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  1. Oh these photos did make me chuckle! Little E has such a serious face. I can definitely relate to moments like this too – I could recreate these shots easily with my girls some times! Sophie is quite similar to E when she wakes up – very grumpy until she is ready to face the world! Hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland 🙂
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…My Sunday Photo 09/04/17My Profile

  2. I always love seeing photos of your boys together. It’s always so obvious how much affection E has for Z, even if they do have their moments when they don’t always get along perfectly. But that’s brothers for you – ours are the same.

  3. Brilliant photos and I totally get the brotherly relationship. My two have a real love hate relationship but when push comes to shove, they would stand up for each other, so I think they do love each other more than hate. It is lovely to see how their relationship develops as they get older. I hope you have a great time in Scotland, it sounds like an amazing trip.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…L.O.L. Surprise! Easter HuntMy Profile

  4. Must be so strange having extreme personalities. So sweet.

    Enjoy Scotland. I love Edinburgh too, but just the thought of getting up there is tiring me out. We’d have to fly because the last time we went when I was 7.5 months pregnant the OH insisted on driving
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  5. Aww these photos are lovely. They are so like my two as characters when they were younger. They just have to touch each other don’t they? Hope you have the best time in Scotland and the weather stays nice. Have fun xx

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