Road tripping round Scotland 

We are on a mini Scotland road trip for a few days and it’s good and tiring all in one. We started with Edinburgh, mainly as we love it there so much and then drove through Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and are now staying in Argyll. There’s so much to do and see here and there’s just no way we’re even going to manage a fraction of it. Obviously this means we’ll have to come back one day soon to do more so it’s no bad thing really.
We did a big drive through Glencoe today and I think I was kind of expecting one big lonely valley but it’s so vast and so beautiful. There are green valleys and streaming waterfalls and snow capped hills. There’s a lot of car parks you can park at and the toddler happened to sleep through the entire thing which was lucky. So we got to stop constantly, taking as many photos as we wanted, whilst he slept happily in the warmth of the car. There’s 3 big walks you can do and we’ve done precisely 0 of them today. It’s something we’ll do again one day when the boys are older I think.   

For now we’re going to carry on with our drive to different places. I think we see castles tomorrow!  

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  1. So THAT’s what Glen Coe looks like. I’ve never been, although my Scots in-laws talk about it being a dark and unforgiving place. I thin battle between the Campbells and MacDonalds is still going on for some people(a battle my ancestors are rumoured to have been involved with!). Great image though. I’d love to fly a drone through there and get some footage.
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  2. There’s always more to be seen and done in Scotland than you expected! As well as the long hikes up mountains there’s a lovely shorter walk round Glencoe lochan (just outside the village) – it’s very pretty, has a lovely romantic story behind it, but children might be more impressed with the fact that Hagrid’s cottage was built there for the Harry Potter films 🙂

  3. The scenery is stunning. It’s been a while since I’ve been up there. It is cold and definitely somewhere I want to take the boys as they get older. Glad you had a nice time x

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