The Isle of Seil, Clachan bridge and the Kilt

We didn’t intend to take a visit to the Isle of Seil and, to be honest, I didn’t know it existed. It was the petrol station man (who I nicknamed Jim Broadbent as he looked SO much like him) that told us to nip over to it. He became our unofficial trip advisor as his station and little spar shop was right next to our lodge so we would regularly pop in for breakfast food or things for dinner.
He told us of how the Isle of Siel had one of the only bridges in Scotland that went over the Atlantic Ocean; the other one going over from mainland to the Isle of Skye. So we took a drive to see Clachan bridge and I think I was expecting to see a lot of water…Ocean like water. It wasn’t anything like I expected though and was more a big river running underneath, and actually probably not the Atlantic Ocean. Still very beautiful and is also known as the Atlantic bridge.  

It’s a tiny little place but worth seeing if you’re nearby. A little very old inn close by caught my eye and found that it was used by the islanders during the Jacobite rising and learnt a bit about the kilt ban during the 1700s. It must have been a horrible time for those wanting but unable to wear their much loved tartan whenever they wanted. This tiny little place was probably a very happy little service stop for Scots travelling back from across the border.  

The “Dress Act of 1746” made it unlawful to wear tartan or the kilt until 1792 when it was repealed. The kilt was originally only commonly worn by highlanders but once the dress act was repealed, became highly popular and different groups started adopting it across the whole of Scotland.  

And that is how the kilt became Scotlands national dress.  

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  1. We spent a week at the other end of Seil last year, the scenery is amazing up there and how lovely to have found a local tourist guide. Have to say the road on Seil Isle itself was not the nicest and would hated to have driven it in the winter. Love how the wee place sells postcards etc and has an honesty box to pay for them.
    Getting back over the bridge is a bit heart stopping I thought as it is a VERY steep angle, but then never built for cars.
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