Back to reality and reminiscing

We’ve been back from holiday almost a week now and I’m not sure our feet have touched the ground until today. It was a night flight (which I really hate) and, wonderful luck would have it, both boys fell asleep about halfway into the journey. Neither of us grown up slept too well on it though and we were glad to hit the sack at 3am. Of course the boys were completely refreshed and up at 8am so that particular day was declared “tired as hell, zombie day”. We went straight into a busy work and school week after that and it’s been filled with phonics screening tests, flat tyres and big work meetings.

I think the holiday blues hit me today and I’ve loved spending the week reminiscing on all the sunshine and food (and amazing cakes) we’ve devoured. I’m SO behind with both Scotland and Turkey blog posts but I’ll leave that till next week now and I will definitely, definitely write something.

Tomorrow is Blog On though, which is filled with lots of brilliant information and brilliant friends. I cannot wait to see everyone and I apologise in advance if I grab you for a hug. I’ve had people jump out of their skin in the past because they had no idea who I was. I’m going to try to restrain myself this time. Mostly!

Amazing cakes

23 thoughts on “Back to reality and reminiscing”

  1. Oh I remember long haul night flights from my expat days. (Goan) I know exactly what that sheer exhaustion feels like and tagged on to jet-lag…oh my I’m glad those days are done. That cake is quite something. I think I’ve put on a few kilo’s just looking at it!
    Blog on sounds a lot of fun! Enjoy 😀

  2. I don’t mind night flights unless I have to drive at my destination, usually my trip to the UK involves 2 flights so i often end up flying through the night with no idea what time zone I’m in. fantastic cake, save me a slice. hope you enjoy Blogon, although I have no idea what it is or is about, try not to scare anyone
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  3. It was soooo good to see you. I just wish we got to hang out more often. That cake looks amazing. I know how you feel it’s hard to keep up isn’t it xx

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