Discovering Argyll Holiday Park (and that caravans can be nice)

Discovering Argyll Holiday Park

After our day in Edinburgh we set off around mid-day to Argyll Holiday Park at Loch Awe. Its where we would be staying for 3 nights in a “Premier” caravan. I have to be honest here and admit that I’m a total hotel snob. I spent a few years just flitting about London hotels with work and I really do not like the idea of camping…or staying in a caravan. We’d left booking a place to stay till the very last minute and, suffice to say, there wasn’t very much left over Easter break. I was having a a desperate perusal on their website (thank you Nisbah for the tip!) and was SO lucky that one of the reps called Emma popped up on screen asking if she could help. There were no lodges left, which is what I would have picked, but there was one premiere caravan left which she recommended for our family. It had central heating, two bedrooms, double glazing, a lounge, bathroom with shower and a separate loo. Huh. The pictures looked really good and, after a 24 hour ponder, I decided to go for it. Part of me was secretly dreading it a bit. But time would tell.

We set off from Edinburgh and drove around the very beautiful Loch Lomond passing Callander along the way. You can’t help but keep stopping and getting out to take photos. It’s so stunning you find yourself admiring everything and getting really trigger happy with your camera. Its about a 2 and half hour drive but its a very good route with excellent roads and you don’t mind it one bit. You pass through so many little towns and villages too that its really easy to stop with kids if you need a comfort or food stop. It was mid afternoon by the time we got to Argyll Holiday Park in Loch Awe so we were ready to stretch our legs a bit but not wander too far.

First impressions of our caravan

Our caravan was SO nice. A very modern static home decorated in warm neutral colours and less than 3 years old. Emma had told me none of their caravans or lodges are over 3 years old, which means nothing looks dated and everything is pretty pristine. It was really cosey and really warm and the large carpetted lounge gave the perfect space for the kids to run about. We had a huge comfortable sofa, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 very nice bedrooms and a perfectly heated hot shower. I spent a bit of time not being able to get over how nice it was and I think it was mainly as I was so prejudiced against all things caravan and caravan parks. We didn’t really use the kitchen very much through our stay except for one night but it had all your modern gadgets which came in very handy for our pizza and garlic bread night.

We’d taken a big spare blanket with us, just in case, but we didn’t really need it at all. The caravan was really nicely warm through the night and we all slept really well. We had one double bedroom and one twin room for the boys. We ended up pushing the single beds together so the boys wouldn’t fall out of bed and it’s only just occurred to me we didn’t put them back as found them (sorry Argyll Holidays).


There’s a little spar and petrol station within walking distance and its cleverly stocked with everything that you would need in your caravan, ranging from breakfast foods, to lunch dinner and snacks. I found it on the pricey side but its super convenient if you need to pop in to get something and its open from 7.30am till 8pm so very handy if you’ve forgotten something. There’s also a Tesco, Lidl and Aldi in Oban, which is about a 15 minute drive and a great place to go if you’ve brought no food at all (like us!). There’s also a very large restaurant about a few minutes away in the car on the same road. Apparently a £1.2million investment has been made to get it up and running. We didn’t ever have chance to venture but we kept getting told by different people how nice it was.

Good places to visit from here

We ended up using this place as our base and travelled to Oban, Isle of Seil, Glencoe, Glen Nevis and Mull all from here. You can do all sorts of tours and I’d suggest nipping into West coast tours in Oban to talk through all your desires. They have all sorts and can really help plan your week for you. There are various castles within a stones throw, one of them being Inverary castle. The Oban sea life sanctuary is also very close by and there is a smokery about a 5 minutes walk away. Its a brilliant location and we loved where we were. It was so quiet and having extremely wifi was very unnerving for an addict like me but I eventually discovered this comes with being in a very rural part of Scotland.

What should you to take to a caravan?

Ask the holiday company you’ve booked with. Ours provided bedsheets, pillows, duvets and toilet roll, but told us to bring our own towels. Our kitchen was fully equipped except for kitchen roll, Kitchen foil and oven gloves. So we didn’t actually need to bring very much at all but we checked it all out first before we nipped to the shops. If you do happen to go and want to be a bit more organised than we were then I’d recommend taking at least some some breakfast food and bare essentials like bread and milk. We got it all from the spar so we were fine but they don’t have everything under the sun, and probably not that one particular cereal your 6 year old absolutely has to have. Luckily, the Tesco did so all ended well.

Would we stay at Argyll Holiday park again?

YES!! I’m not really an expert in caravans at all, but I guess I’ve been judging them all on the floral rickety ones of the 80s and they’ve obviiusly moved on A LOT since then. The one we stayed in was gorgeous and homely and the double glazing, heating and fireplace did it for me. The decor throughout was modern and neutral and the nicely hot power shower was a very good little finish to our home for 3 days. Little Z thought it actually was our new home and he was thrilled by it (probably as it was far far away from school). The holiday reps are so helpful and really do help you plan your holiday with you so its great is you’re a first time to the area. We got given two brochures of things to do around the park too which were so good that I brought them home (with permission). The play area is little but perfect for small ones and they have a games room on site as well as lovely walk routes around the loch. We got told by a few people that you can spot deer running about the Loch. We only saw them once but it’s a lovely sight and one that just enforces how peaceful and rural the area is. If you do visit Argyll I’d recommend you look up this holiday park.

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