Exploring Oban in Argyll

We only ever intended to pop into Oban for necessities as we were staying about 12 miles away at Loch Awe. It’s the closest resort town to the Loch and is filled with big supermarkets which are perfect for lots of choice, especially when it comes to particular little kids who want particular little cereals for breakfast. We had intended to have a look, take some photos and be on our way. We ended up popping in quite a lot over the days as its jam packed for of not only sights, but gateways to other places, including the Isle of Mull.

There were two things that we had aimed to do in Oban but didn’t end up doing them. One of them was to visit the sea life sanctuary where they nurse and keep otters. We kept meaning to pop in as it was so close to our holiday park, but then we kept nipping to yet another pretty place and then ended up running out of time. One day, I’d still like to go back and visit. The other missed opportunity was to go on a boat ride to see otters. They mostly leave from Oban harbour but the minimum age is 8 so both boys were too young for. There are a lot of different boat tours you can do and one day we’ll go back to see the Isle of Staffa and the Fingal caves. The fingal caves is a sea cave on the uninhabited isles of Staffa and is built entirely of hexagonal basalt columns so must be quite a sight to see.

In the end we used it as a place to potter and walk around the harbour during the late afternoons and in the evenings and to pick up nice fish and chips, and it seemed like others had the same idea. We’d find people walking their dogs or just gazing out at the sea or waiting patiently with their cameras to get the perfect sunset shot. It wasn’t actually that hard to take a good photo as it was so beautiful, and that obviously makes it a lot easier to capture it all. The main harbour doesn’t have a beach you can play on but if you drive to the main road then you’ll find a nice stretch of good sand the kids can run around on. Its not far from Dunstaffnage castle either if you fancy a walk to see a castle from the 13th century. I *think* its pronounce “Dun-staff-nich”, I could be wrong though!

You can sail to Craignure (to the Isle of Mull) from Oban and we loved the ferry journey across as the boys were so excited (well, and me, as I’ve never sat on a ferry before). The journey takes about an hour and you are definitely treated to beautiful lighthouses, and possibly treated to sights of dolphins having a play. We didn’t get the latter this time, sadly. If you fancy a trip to Mull then I’d recommend you set off quite early in the day. Mull doesn’t look very big at all, but like most places in Scotland, you end up spending a lot of time admiring the sights and all the different spots so end up needing more time than you thought.

Here are some pictures of our time in Oban…

Exploring the sights of Oban in Argyll

Exploring the sights of Oban in Argyll

Exploring the sights of Oban in Argyll

Exploring the sights of Oban in Argyll

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  1. I haven’t been here for years. It is such a beautiful place. Looks like you got way better weather than we did. What lovely photos and you’ve got to have ice-cream when you are there x

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