Blood bikers and tantrums

When the other half suggested we go see the biker show in town today I was only half listening and thought there was some kind of stunt bike show going on. Yeah, why not? We could pop in for a bit, let the boys be all impressed, and then head off and finish the shopping we needed to do.

It was actually a blood bikers fund raiser and the second one I’ve come across in a month. I had no clue about blood bikers before the very first event I went to a few weeks ago. Did you know most blood bikers are volunteers who ride their own bikes? They’re not always the white and yellow “medical” looking ones so it’s not always easy to immediately spot on on the roads (so always let those bikes safely pass you on the motorway kids). They do about 3 shifts a month and some do it at very unsociable hours through the night. Most have other jobs they do and the blood biking is fitted into their lives somehow. It’s been a bit of an eye opener, and the blood biking community is so giving.

They all offered both boys a sit and play on their bikes and Z had a bit of a look but was too engrossed in his ice cream to want to do anything else. Toddler E decided the little fun fair ride that was going at full speed would be much more fun and kept trying to dart straight onto one of the planes, even though it was in full swing at the time. We had to physically restrain him more than once whilst we waited for the ride to stop, except it didn’t. It was like the worlds longest kiddie ride ever (or at least, it felt like it!) and it just kept going and going. And going. E lost his patience in the end and had a full on meltdown right in the middle of the blood biker event. Luckily, no one was phased by it and instead warned us that a toddler tantrum was nothing compared to the tantrums kids have in their teens, which is now something I’m obviously looking forward to.

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  1. One of the downsides of hot weather! We had a few middle-of-the-street tantrums when ours were younger too. I kind of miss them – now outs are old enough to talk back to us and challenge everything when they’re in a mood. “Because it JUST IS, OKAY?!?”

  2. Hi Tas, oh how funny! I would have loved to have seen a photo of you doing the exact same thing with a photo of your boys’ faces! I have never heard of blood bikers before, what a wonderful thing they do!

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  3. Oh I remember those sort of tantrums only too well!! I must admit as I have a teen who has just become the most obstinate, grumpy so and so over the last few weeks, sadly I think it is true about teens. You have a while to go yet though. I didn’t even know what blood bikers were, so I have learnt something today
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  4. I have never heard of Blood Bikers before, sounds amazing! We had a fair few meltdowns yesterday too, to be fair I lose my rag more when it’s hot so I can’t blame them really. I like to ignore that the teenager phase is going to happen one day, surely can’t be any worse than toddlers?!
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  5. Oh I remember many a tantrum when my littlies were too hot or tired, especially when we lived in a humid country. I used a firm hand on the arm, if we were in a public place and spoke very quietly to them that they better not carry on like that where everyone could see. No threat really, but it worked and my son even says now that he remembers the firm hand holding his arm. He’s now 25 years old!
    Good luck finding whatever works for you ;D
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