Family time and BBQs

There’s nothing like a good BBQ or family time and last weekend we had both at once. All the parents decided to break tradition and not make biryani for Eid. Everyone looked at each other nervously at this huge change. No amazing biryani? As the toddler would say, “Wow. Oh no!”

We needn’t have worried though and it turned out to be a brilliant day, with brilliant catch ups and brilliant food. As usually, we didn’t really get a photo of all us looking the same way but we did throw in a good game of cricket. And by that I mean most of us just stood about chatting away, not paying attention to any kind of fielding and letting Z run around like crazy after the ball doing it all for us. I did bat a good few “sixers” though (that’s what they’re called, right?) before the Other Half caught me out. That photo is of me going to hit him with the bat.

Both boys were in their element running about the huge field and i realised I’ve never noticed how huge the mill in the background looks. It was one of the famous cotton mills in the town where I grew up and one we walked past every day on our long walk to school. Weirdly, they had a big liquorice factory in it too and the smell would be amazing. The workers were allowed to hand out deformed liquorice to anyone passing by, back in the days before strict health and safety laws and I think it’s why a bunch of us still love liquorice to this day. It’s mostly just offices now and there’s sadly no free liquorice in sight anymore but it make me think of how a building can be so iconic to someone’s childhood.

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  1. Love that you all get together for food and cricket – sounds like you had a great Eid. Old buildings like the former mill are fascinating – so many of them have been repurposed now as offices or apartments, haven’t they? In barely a generation the whole feel of the area must have changed so much – much more gentrified now?

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the BBQ and had fun afterwards. I live near to a big famous chocolate factory and I remember the days when they used to sell boxes of misshaped chocolates to passers by at ridiculously cheap prices, you could get a carrier bag full for 10 pence.
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  3. Hi Tas, love the top photo where three of you look well happy, but little one does not, it’s shows it as it is. I bet the smell from the liquorice factory was amazing and it’s a shame that health and safety can put a halt to such an nice gesture. I would probably have pitched my Wendy house close by and been first passed every morning!

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  4. Aww what lovely photos. Looks like the game of cricket was fun, don’t think I have ever played cricket. Mainly rounders up here. I love the photo with the mill in the background. And I am a huge fan of liquorice xx

  5. how lovely to break from tradition and have a bbq. did the men cook the food or was it the ladies? I like having a bbq as Jon likes to be in charge of the cooking (although not the cleaning up afterwards!). you have some lovely photos of the day – I love the one of there four of you, even if someone is trying to wiggle away lol x
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