A bit of sunshine and some digger fun

I would say we are falling into the summer holiday groove but we’re not really. I’ve realised that juggling work and holidays and childcare means every week will be different and we will pretty much need to play it by ear. I’m at least a lot less stressed about it as we figure out who can have the boys what days and how we can slot in some family time. So we’re getting there and we’re managing to have fun in between all the madness. I feel like blogging will just be slow until September but that’s ok. I have it all in my head and at some point it would be nice to get it all down online, but that’ll happen eventually. I hope!

This week we managed to squeeze a trip to Diggerland. I keep seeing friends visit and have heard good things about it. It’s not too far away so we thought it would be a good place for Z to have some digging fun. We almost took the toddler too but I’m so glad we changed our minds at the last minute. There would have been hardly anything for him to do except stay in the soft play area, which would have meant less digging (and go karting) for all of us.

Who would have thought digging could be so therapeutic and so much fun. I’m pretty sure I would be as happy as Larry working on a construction site, just digging stuff up all day long. I did feel a bit rattled by the end of the day though and I think it was through banging the heavy machinery around accidentally. We got really lucky with the weather and the sun shone all day long so we ended up making the most of it.

I think I might even blog about it at some point soon if I can find some time to do it. I’d definitely recommend not bothering to wash your hair the day you go though. I’m sure I came back with about a kilo of dirt and dust casing my hair and all my clothes. You don’t realise it through the day but you can feel grit everywhere once you get home, including in your mouth (it was a windy day). I’m not quite sure why I’m giving him such an upsetting look in this last photo. I think he may have told me my time was up.

19 thoughts on “A bit of sunshine and some digger fun”

  1. The boys would love Diggerland but we’ve never made the time to go. Although I suspect they would be lost to the go-karts all day …

  2. I recognised this as Diggerland straightaway from the thumbnail. We’ve visited the one in Kent, but I guess you were at one up north? When you have managed to balance work, childcare and kids, please do bottle the formula and trademark it!

  3. Diggerland looks so much fun. I’ve never been before, but my kids would love this. Who wouldn’t love playing with a digger in the sandpit. Lovely photos xx

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