Discovering Smiggle stationery

I’ve loved trips to stationery shops every since I can remember. All those pens for doodling and funky colours and different nibs. Back in those days you got funky zipped up or tin pencil cases and then pens in all different colours that you absolutely needed. The Smiggle shops always take me back a bit to my childhood and I could wander around there for quite a while. They have one key difference though. They are just so colourful and do stationery bigger and funkier than any of the shops I grew up with. And wow, the colours. Its as if a rainbow burst in there.

We were sent some stationery to look at recently and we liked it so much we ended up in the shop to have a look at more colourful writing things.

Yay scented pop out pencil case

We received a very cool cola scented pop out pencil case which comes with lots of little useful gadgets hidden away and pop out at the push of a button. It includes a child friendly pair of scissors, sellotape, sharpener and an eraser. The graphics on the front are really appealing to a small (and big!) child and I think I love the tiger with the shades the best with the campervan design. You can’t store too much stationery within it but it does comfortably hold a handful of pencils. I think the whole aim of these pencil cases it to provide some fun little gadgets and its ideal for someone who is starting out in the world of collecting stationery.

Scented gel pens

Scented stationery was always something that tried really hard to smell nice but never quite got it right. Smiggle has come a long way with it and they do a set of 30 scented pens that do it really well. We got a pack of 30 pens and they are a nice combination of all sorts. I love doodling and it is so tempting to squirrel these away for myself. The set contains 12 glitter pens, 6 colour pens, 6 pastel pens and 6 neon pens so there is a brilliant combination for those that love colouring or drawing. And they really do smell very nice. There’s no smell guide though so you have to guess but it seems like most are some kind of fruit with other little nice scents (like cola) thrown in.

Metallic thin pencils

These are really unique and I think they’re suited and would be more appreciated by your passionate little artists and those after some different colouring pencils. The pack contains teal, silver, yellow, blue, brown and pink. They’re suitable for aged 6+ and I think would make a perfect little addition to colouring book presents.

On a little visit to the shop not so long ago we had a good look around the rest of their current range and I think you can get a bit drawn in to all the variety they have and just want to pick up one of everything. These are a few pics of some of my favourite bits and by the by, if you’re a unicorn lover, you should know they have a full range of things that you will want to take home!

We were sent Smiggle products to review

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