That phase of toddlerhood

We’ve reached that screamy stage of toddlerhood. That phase where, if he can’t do something or have his own way instantly, he just protest screams. It makes us think twice about going out and I’m not sure if Z was a little angel or not, but I don’t remember it being like this when he was this age. I think we’ve definitely been a lot more adventurous and relaxed when it comes to E compared to what we were like with Z, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe we just look back on our toddlerhood time with Z and see it all through rose tinted spectacles.

Despite it all, we still like to brave going out in what little sunshine we have this summer and today has been dry so we ran to Manchester as fast as could for a wander around the shops and a nice walk. We were meant to buy some clothes for the boys and some work clothes for me. Neither of which came to fruition. The boys did have a very good time just running about and we spent most of our time just walking about chasing after them.

The toddler was mostly well behaved until we went to get some food and decided he didn’t want to wait for a table. He wanted to walk straight up to one and sit down. So when he couldn’t, he went into meltdown mode. After a couple of minutes I was on the verge of walking out and settling for a drive through somewhere. Anywhere! That’s when a random guy in the queue piped up and told us of how his 8 year old was just like E as a toddler and would time his screams at precisely the point of eating. He did it so much that he was nicknamed Pavarotti until he grew out of it. And grow out of it E will, he assured us. E did indeed calm down with the help of some bright crayons and colouring sheet, and we all managed to eat with 0 tears from the kids and 0 tears from the adults.

17 thoughts on “That phase of toddlerhood”

  1. Uh oh. We’ve all been there and your stranger is, of course, quite right. This phase will pass (although it may still return later …)

  2. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s a phase and he’ll grow out of it, we’ve all been there. There is also a time that you learn that shopping with kids is a big no no, unless you are buying toys!

  3. Hi Tas!
    I also have a nephew who is just 20 months right now but screams like a 3 year old. If he does not get what he wants,he screams as if the world’s on fire. I must agree with you when you say tthat we see childhood time with rose tainted glasses. We only remember the fun and pleasant memories because as much hard it is to raise a toddler, the joy he brings to us are much greater in our lives and these memories are definitely the ones we will remember!
    Much love to Z and E from Nepal! xx
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  4. I know the stage you are talking about well. They are hard work aren’t they?! Lovely pictures from your day in Manchester 🙂 Its beautiful in the sun isn’t it?

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