Birthday parties and birthday cakes

We’ve been crazy this week with work and overtime weekends and school. Then there’s been sore throat days, meet the teacher days, sick days and juggling poorly kids days. We’ve also been super late with the toddlers birthday party. The idea started off with us deciding to just have a meal out for the 4 of us. Nice and simple, no fuss and no stressing. Then a sort of mum guilt kicked in as we’d had a fairly big one for Z at the same age and I didn’t want to treat the toddler differently. Not that he cared one bit of course but *I* knew. Just one more big party? Then no more after this one. Besides, it’s not much organising really. We should be experts at it by now.


After a few days of mental organising and running about, we had a big day for him today and have another for the other side of the family tomorrow. I always forget how much work goes into a party and I really should write a letter to myself to detail it all so that next time I’m tempted, I give it a good read and stop being so shocked about how “there’s so much to do!!!”. It’s funny though how you spend SO much more on your first borns parties as your brains go flying out the window. They soon come back for your second child’s party and you get a lot more savvy about doing it much smarter. I’ve found the nicest ever rainbow cake at a bakery not too far from home and it’s cost about a third of the price that a “proper” birthday cake would have cost me. It’s so sweet and so pretty with all its colours. That’s now going to be recommendation to anyone wanting a nice cake and wanting to save some money (besides baking your own of course).

One massive big fat fail this week though was getting my dates completely mixed up and not realising its Blog On this weekend, which means that, sadly, I’m going to miss it. And so it is, party number 2 tomorrow which’ll be a much more relaxed affair with pizzas and finger foods. I can’t wait!

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  1. Hi Tas, it has been a crazy week for you. It is that horrible time of year when sniffles and sneezes start to rear they nasty heads again. I hope the sore throat days were just that (sore throat days). I’m sure your youngest will enjoy that cake, it looks more homemade than most bought birthday cakes, well spotted!

    Debbie Roberts recently posted…My Nephew, FinnersMy Profile

  2. What a gorgeous cake! Even the smallest parties have a habit of getting bigger and requiring more organisation and stress. It’s my younger son’s birthday soon and we have to decide what we’re doing and who we’re inviting.
    Hope you all enjoy the second party today!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 24.9.17My Profile

  3. I hope the sore throats are all cleared up now and that the party goes well. We had only one party this year despite having three young ones. The middle child gets her birthday first and I generally plan something big with all her friends. The youngest is in the middle of the holiday and it’s difficult to get his friends to attend so we just have a smaller get together with family and a couple of friends, then the oldest is last and she really doesn’t want a party so we have a family meal out instead. Of course, if I let parent guilt set in, or if it was big parties that they wanted then I would be well and truly exhausted, especially as their birthday are all within six weeks of each other! After all that waffle, I’d like to say that the cake really does look pretty!

    Happy Birthday little one!

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  4. the cake looks lovely, and as long as the toddler liked it price does not matter. Yes parties are hard work and not overly cheap. But agree it is a parent thing that if you have done it for one you guilt yourself into doing it for the next as well.
    Shame you missed blog on
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  5. That cake looks awesome, and as long as the E liked it the price doesn’t matter. Parties are hard work and not overly cheap. But agree it is a parent thing that if you have done it for one you guilt yourself into doing it for the next as well. I have to say that I have done less the more kids I’ve had. Big hugs xx

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