Getting too old to party

We were a bit like zombies this Monday gone after having two parties in a row. Who knew a toddler party could be so exhausting. Well, I should have known really but I think I may have blocked out how tiring Zs parties were. We overloaded on wonderful rainbow cake, caught up with lots of family and played a lot of pass the parcel.

Obviously toddler E had no real idea what was going on and he slept completely through one of his parties and refused to blow out his candles and then luckily had a somewhat more “birthday like” time at his second one. I think I am done with parties. No more, no more. Until maybe next year by which time I might have completely forgotten about the stress of organising it all.

I’m starting to juggle work a bit better and I did squeeze in a nice lunch with Nisbah from Five adventurers. I now want to go Canada and see it all. We have no plans yet as usual but I am hoping we might be able to over the next couple of years. Between the nice cities and the beautiful northern landscapes, it looks like a really stunning place to experience.

In the meantime I think I’ve been buying up the nations supply of high street jumpers. How rainy and cold is it now? People bringing in daily Xmas tins more than makes up for the dull weather but I’m pretty sure the entire lot of our office are going to be ready for the oven by December. Must do sit ups. Soon.

24 thoughts on “Getting too old to party”

  1. H Tas, I don’t envy you the children’s parties one bit! I’m still mentally scarred from my twos. My youngest’s birthday is in January and every year I’d stress that no one would come as it’s that time of year!… The rainbow cake looks the business, I’d quite happily have a slice of that right now… We’re not quite into jumpers yet, but I’m sat here in fluffy PJ’s which is only one step away.

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  2. Great photos although it does sound very exhausting. That cake looks delicious! I have been to Canada as my cousin lives there. I was quite young though and would love to go again. I’m not sure what we are doing about parties this year. It seems so exhausting just thinking about it. x

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