Happy 2nd Birthday to our littlest man

My littlest man has somehow turned the grand old age of two. He’s our little hurricane that has entered the terrible twos early and with great gusto. He’s loud and cheerful and determined to do anything he wants. A complete opposite to the his big brother who was sweet and cautious and would be placated within seconds. Our toddler is a little different. He’s given us the gift of patience. Lots of patience, whilst he has a full on faced down meltdown on the streets. And the gift of a thicker skin whilst people look as they walk past and smile sympathetically, or pitifully, or with an eye roll.

He has started nattering a lot more over the last month and it’s still 90% toddler speak but now things the three of us understand. He is a rough and tumble loving child and likes nothing more than rolling about with his big brother. He can also be painfully shy and will look down, smile and rock on the spot bashfully if he’s not feeling confident.

He’s fiercely protective of his older brother and will always take a snack for himself and wait until he’s given one for his Little Z too. God forbid you only have one of something or tell him “sharing is caring”. That’s not in his understanding or vocabulary just yet. He shouts for his older sibling bodyguard whenever he gets told off for something, whether he’s in the house or not and it’s very sweet, and of course sometimes not so sweet when you’re trying to instil some discipline into him. He is very much our “second child”. We never quite know how old he is, what milestones he should be hitting or what he might be behind on. He’s just very much loved and there is a lot less worry, or maybe much less time to worry. I get the feeling his next year is going to be just as interesting as his last one.

Happy Birthday to our littlest man!

22 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday to our littlest man”

  1. Happy Birthday to your littlest man, although often thought of the most trying year, I love them at this age when they are beginning to develop their own personalities. It looks like your boys have a fantastic relationship with each other.
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  2. Aww what amazing photos. He’s such a cutie and yes a second child will always get compared, but they love it at times. The idolise their big brother. I hope he has a wonderful birthday. Lots of love xx

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. Love how he is so different from his brother and teaching you different skills to add to your parenting.
    I think younger ones do have to be a bit more rough and tumble, bit more independent and outgoing as they have the bigger ones to copy.
    Use to infuriate me when my older 2 who were 5 and 6 years older than the youngest use to let him away with murder and give into him even after I had said no.
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