Mad work and late nights

I feel like a broken record when I say it’s been another crazy week of work. It’s actually going to be like this until at least Christmas, so I should probably stop repeating myself and boring everyone else. I’m so behind in the blog though. I still haven’t written about Devon and I really am going to make an effort over the next week or so to catch up a bit on blogging. It’s all very good busy. I just need to get better at juggling.

Thankfully half term is not too far away and I have a week booked off work, hooray. I’m slowly realising that this might actually be my early Christmas break and I get the feeling that will be it for winding down until the new year. Hopefully things will quieten down if they don’t stop but I’ll worry about that in December when the time comes. I get my brand new spectacles next week and am hoping to see the world again in all it’s non blurry glory. I had no idea until very recently that my eye sight was getting bad. It’s not terrible by any means but I think I’m about to see things a lot shaper again come next week and will stop gawping at people who are stood at a slight distance. I may have waved at people I don’t know on the odd occasion and thought I was just being absent minded. Oops!

This weeks madness included some major projects happening at work so the week was a bit more all over the place. Thankfully it all went well and we ended up having a couple of later nights with the kids as a result of it. They didn’t seem to mind one bit, especially when we tried out the new local chippy and were very pleased to find its up there on our good fish and chips list. Our photos lately haven’t been in the prettiest of settings or of anything too memorable but I do love photos like this where none of them are looking or posing or being silly. Just admiring their chips and thinking that being up past their bedtime is the best thing ever!

20 thoughts on “Mad work and late nights”

  1. Ha, it’s funny how our kids think a late night up is the biggest treat ever. Especially at the moment – Saturdays are all about staying up late to watch Strictly!

  2. Ah man, I stayed in the coast last night and passed a few amazing fish and chip shops. I so wanted some chips! You pic is bringing it all back. Good luck dealing with the workload.

  3. There is nothing more pleasing than a fish and chip supper, especially if it’s after bedtime. I do hope you get the chance to relax and unwind soon. Don’t go burning yourself out. I remember those busy days of work and juggling the kids, just remember to chill sometimes x
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