Abu Dhabi for half term – And travelling with a little hurricane

We are in Abu Dhabi!

It was all a bit last minute really (as everything always is travel wise with us). Actually, by our standards, we were super organised with this one as the flights at least were booked a few weeks ago with a friend planting the idea in my head and somehow…the whole thing was booked within about two hours from the start of a conversation to “yeah go on then”. We weren’t meant to go, we were meant to “take it easy and just have some downtime” to recharge our batteries. Oops. But proper sunshine was far too tempting.

I was dreading the flight here more and more as it all approached as the two year old has now reached the little hurricane / naked toddler phase. Nothing keeps his attention for more than 10 minutes at a time, not even his clothes, and you can pretty much find him darting about frantically from place to place looking to either climb it all, throw himself off it or take it apart. He intersperses stripping off completely at lightning speed within it all and will make a mad dash for the wash basket to dump everything including his nappy. It’s rather tiring trying to keep him clothed at the moment but he loves it so much. Little Z never went through this so this is all a bit perplexing and new to us. So far, he hasn’t done it in public (phew) but I did have visions of him attempting it for the first time on the plane.

As luck would have it he was mostly very very good and we got beaming smiles from other passengers when we landed a few hours ago. The one that suggests we have brought our angel kids up really well. We smugly used to think that actually was the case when we had Little Z. Then Little E came along and we fast found that it’s all pot luck really how kids behave on a plane and it can be pretty stressful when others around you start to get irritated at your kids squealing for the 5th consecutive hour. On this occasion we got off the flight intact and kind of stress free (thank God!).

So we are here, for a week, and ready to soak up a lot of warmth and family time. Our hotel is amazing and the staff are just so lovely with the kids (and us!). We have vague plans about what we’ll be doing but we shall mostly wing it and hopefully take a million photos of our boys.

Wish you were here!!

22 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi for half term – And travelling with a little hurricane”

  1. Your photos have been fantastic this week. We’ve got a similarly big trip planned for February, so we’ll see how our kids cope with more than a short hop to Europe.

  2. This looks and sounds wonderful. I have never been here before, but my little cousin has just moved out to Dubai and visited here recently, it looked amazing in his photos. The boys look like they had fun. I could be doing with some sunshine xx

  3. Great photos. I have done long haul flights travelling home for regular visit to family here in the UK when I lived overseas. Sometimes I think the thought and preparation in advance is worse and worrying than the actual flight. The first big flight was when my son was only 6 months old when I flew to Brunei and my daughter only 5 years old. I don’t remember it being traumatic…but there again I may have blocked it out! ;D
    I hope you can overcome the jet lag easily. Good Luck!

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